Wicked Wench deck 3: Crew Deck

1> Central Elevator: the central elevator accesses all decks. It will take d10-3 turns to call the elevator (zero or less means the car is already on that deck), depending on what deck it was on last. Command officers (captain, pilots, engineers, astrogators, and gunnery officers) can halve that time by overriding the elevator with their ID (command officers have priority so the elevator won't stop at other decks while called upon). The elevator will sound an alarm tone when sensing a vaccuum outside, two buttons on opposite sides of the door must be pressed to open the door into a vaccuum (the elevator will depressurize and then open).

2> Universal Airdock/Airlock: all hatches are protected by security devices, and the pressure can be controlled within the airlock or overridden from the bridge at either the computer or pilot stations.

3> Crew Lounge: 3a> heavy weapon mounts, in the event of invasion armored sections slide out of the floor and cieling to protect the elevator and prevent harmful ricochet off the rounded surface for the concealed heavy weapon operators. 3b> Holovid projector, can also be used as a decoy for intruders.

4> Galley: all food storage and prep equipment is here, with capacity for ten day supply of fresh food concentrate (with the remainder of six months in the life support equipment on the Engineering Deck).

5> Fresher: contains a toilet, sink, and shower/steamroom for the crew.

6> Starboard Turret & Barracks: triple bunk allows for three crew members, along with the controls for the Starboard turret. Wardrobe cabinets for three.

7> Port Turret & Barracks: triple bunk allows for three crew members, along with the controls for the Port turret. Wardrobe cabinets for three.

8> Crew Barracks: two triple bunks allows for six crew members. Closet allows for four wardrobes along with another wardrobe for two on the port bulkhead and a dresser along the dorsal bulkehad. Table and chairs for three.

9> Storage Room: this is where larger items of personal interest can be stored by the crew members, including heavy weapons and space suits to ward off intruding boarders. 9a - gunports to airlock, any character utilizing these has a -40 modifier to be hit from intruders on the other side. Any character firing a weapon from a port can only shoot at beings in the 2 meter square on the other side, they can't shoot at beings in other port ranges. Any character on the other side can only shoot at port operators within said port range as well.