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    224ModerateSpam content erased and offender deleted. Fully Resolved0
    228MinorSpam delete. Fully Resolved0
    225ModerateSpam, content erased and offender deleted Fully Resolved0
    226MinorSpam delete. Fully Resolved0
    227MajorSpam delete. Fully Resolved0
    229MinorSpam Fully Resolved0
    230MinorSpam Fully Resolved20
    86MajorReposition Quick Edit Need More Info7
    88MinortinyMCE additional buttons Need More Info5
    91MinorLink Window Script Error Need More Info10
    154MinorEnhancement: Ability to link directly to the last page of a topic/thread Need More Info41
    29MinorInterface annoyances: pager location, disabling RTF editor Duplicate1
    61MinorSuggestion: Multiquote Duplicate1
    163MinorFeature Req: Character generator special edit mode.... Duplicate0
    22MinorFeature Request: Multiple Quotes? Will not fix1
    35MinorDownloadables: progress bars? Will not fix1
    40MinorForwarding Page after Posting Will not fix2
    54MinorIgnore Feature Will not fix2
    67ModerateSlow Page Loads Will not fix5
    75MinorPM multiple select Will not fix2
    80Minor" " Keep Being Replaced Will not fix12
    83MinorIcons don't match up Will not fix3
    84MinorThought to Text Will not fix3
    90MinorFamily +/- Causing Script Errors Again Will not fix3
    125MinorDocuments - when editing a document, remove the nav block Will not fix5
    192ModerateNew Games Notification Will not fix2
    197MinorQuestion: submit for on Guestbook entry Will not fix18