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    #Severitysort iconIssueStatusComments
    195ModerateDeleted Projects Fully Resolved9
    201ModerateUploading images Fully Resolved2
    208ModerateChanging user name Fully Resolved17
    213Moderate"Ignore User" and "Current Mood" and "+1 Button" Unresolved11
    214ModerateSlow page loads Unresolved6
    222ModerateBanners Are Not Rotating Unresolved0
    223ModerateChange Avatar Fully Resolved8
    224ModerateSpam content erased and offender deleted. Fully Resolved0
    225ModerateSpam, content erased and offender deleted Fully Resolved0
    24MajorPrivate Message broken? Fully Resolved1
    30MajorSignatures can break the layout of the site Fully Resolved1
    41MajorEDITING??? Fully Resolved6
    43MajorEditing Repositions Posts Partially Resolved2
    66MajorLag Time and Script Error in Outline Utility Fully Resolved2
    71MajorSearch has no "submit" button Fully Resolved4
    78MajorRTF editor missing when editing project Fully Resolved1
    81Majorbanned user able to post comment Fully Resolved5
    85MajorDelete Redirect Fully Resolved2
    86MajorReposition Quick Edit Need More Info7
    107MajorPM Inbox Full Message Fully Resolved4
    114MajorJavascript error preventing chat from opening in Fx Fully Resolved33
    130MajorQuotes Acting Wierd Unresolved11
    187MajorMerge Project Forums Unresolved11
    204MajorLink Character Sheets to main navigation Fully Resolved3
    218MajorGuestbook "Report!" Button Fully Resolved0
    219MajorSPAM-proof the Guestbook Unresolved8
    227MajorSpam delete. Fully Resolved0