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    #SeverityIssuesort iconStatusComments
    225ModerateSpam, content erased and offender deleted Fully Resolved0
    219MajorSPAM-proof the Guestbook Unresolved8
    9MinorSpellcheck in the RTF editor Fully Resolved0
    46MinorStatus of a Support Issue Fully Resolved0
    135MinorSticky Icon? Fully Resolved4
    134MinorSticky/Unsticky Options Fully Resolved6
    61MinorSuggestion: Multiquote Duplicate1
    58MinorSuggestion: New Projects in What's New Fully Resolved2
    60MinorSuggestion: Quick Reply Fully Resolved5
    59ModerateSuggestion: Report! button Fully Resolved4
    89MinorSuppress Links in Printer-friendly Version Fully Resolved4
    171ModerateTable Formatting Problem in Forum Fully Resolved3
    152MinorTabs Needed in Project Posting Window Unresolved0
    215MinorThe Search Feature Isn't Working Fully Resolved7
    84MinorThought to Text Will not fix3
    136MinorThread Locking Fully Resolved4
    88MinortinyMCE additional buttons Need More Info5
    99ModerateTurned Off PM Still Receiving Announcements, But Can't Access Them Fully Resolved2
    32ModerateUpload issue with the RTF editor Fully Resolved5
    201ModerateUploading images Fully Resolved2
    21MinorURLs not being converted to links Fully Resolved0
    14MinorUser Registration screen/login improvements Fully Resolved0
    202Minorwarning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: Read error! Fully Resolved2
    203MinorWhat's New - add # of new comments. Unresolved0
    117Minorwhen previewing a post, content is removed from editor window Fully Resolved1
    69MinorWho's Online, Userlist, and Track Viewable by Unlogged Persons Fully Resolved10
    119Minor[feature request] PM post to User Fully Resolved13