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    51MinorMass Document Rename Fully Resolved3
    74Minorcan't use "/" in new project titles Fully Resolved3
    83MinorIcons don't match up Will not fix3
    84MinorThought to Text Will not fix3
    90MinorFamily +/- Causing Script Errors Again Will not fix3
    104MinorPoll Discussions hard to notice Unresolved3
    108MinorAdblock Plus plugin for Firefox adblocking certain images Fully Resolved3
    110MinorIE 7 stack overflow Fully Resolved3
    111Minornot suppling a Subject in a Forum erases text in RTF edit Fully Resolved3
    123MinorProject Managers: Sticky Forum Topics Fully Resolved3
    126MinorFeature request - loose navigation tabs in Support and Download sections of a project Unresolved3
    128Moderatebutton/tab that lead to the character sheet generation page. Unresolved3
    140MinorNumber of Downloads Fully Resolved3
    168MinorNew posts not showing up in 'What's New' Fully Resolved3
    171ModerateTable Formatting Problem in Forum Fully Resolved3
    174Minordice roller driving me nuts Fully Resolved3
    200MinorPage reload after post should take you to the new post Unresolved3
    204MajorLink Character Sheets to main navigation Fully Resolved3
    37ModerateComments on Documents May Not Work Out Fully Resolved2
    40MinorForwarding Page after Posting Will not fix2
    43MajorEditing Repositions Posts Partially Resolved2
    47MinorA Better Way to Rename or Organize Documents Fully Resolved2
    52MinorProjects Front Page Link Fully Resolved2
    54MinorIgnore Feature Will not fix2
    58MinorSuggestion: New Projects in What's New Fully Resolved2
    63MinorClarification of Messages Sent From Profiles Fully Resolved2
    66MajorLag Time and Script Error in Outline Utility Fully Resolved2
    72MinorIE 6 shows green for all users Fully Resolved2
    75MinorPM multiple select Will not fix2
    77MinorHighlight current page in book Fully Resolved2