#Severitysort iconIssueStatusComments
    50MinorForum issue: we need a "mark all as read" function. Fully Resolved10
    51MinorMass Document Rename Fully Resolved3
    52MinorProjects Front Page Link Fully Resolved2
    53MinorBan Feature for Projects Fully Resolved8
    54MinorIgnore Feature Will not fix2
    55MinorProject Navmenu Improvement Request Fully Resolved4
    56MinorPreview Button Fully Resolved1
    57MinorQuicklinks Manager Fully Resolved6
    58MinorSuggestion: New Projects in What's New Fully Resolved2
    60MinorSuggestion: Quick Reply Fully Resolved5
    61MinorSuggestion: Multiquote Duplicate1
    63MinorClarification of Messages Sent From Profiles Fully Resolved2
    64MinorSimultaneous Chat for Whole Site and Forums Unresolved7
    65MinorReading Private Messages - Next, Previous Fully Resolved7
    68MinorDocument Page Name Dingbats Fully Resolved5
    69MinorWho's Online, Userlist, and Track Viewable by Unlogged Persons Fully Resolved10
    70MinorIn-Chat Indicator Fully Resolved10
    72MinorIE 6 shows green for all users Fully Resolved2
    73MinorReceive e-mail for unread messages - Daily not working Fully Resolved1
    74Minorcan't use "/" in new project titles Fully Resolved3
    75MinorPM multiple select Will not fix2
    76MinorIssue queue for each project Fully Resolved6
    77MinorHighlight current page in book Fully Resolved2
    80Minor" " Keep Being Replaced Will not fix12
    82MinorSearch feature to show project Fully Resolved2
    83MinorIcons don't match up Will not fix3
    84MinorThought to Text Will not fix3
    90MinorFamily +/- Causing Script Errors Again Will not fix3
    87MinorAdding to Documents when a member of a project Fully Resolved2
    88MinortinyMCE additional buttons Need More Info5