The Family Of One; Belief and Practice

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June 18, 2012 - 2:03pm
Ok this is a hey come and look at what I'm doing announcement.

Been plugging away on yazirian religious belief and landscape for a long time now. In fact I'm probably close to a write up on the Family of One in the near future so if you have time to look over some threads please do and comment as its easier to incorporate a good comment before I write the deal up.

Now the width and breadth of everything to do with yazirian religious belief and practice is too much to consider right now so I'll just post some links to threads dealing with the Family of One.

Short thread dealing with Fo1 clergy:
the discussion here is largely about what titles to use no big deal.

Longer thread about belief and practice:
the five tallons could perhaps use some refinement but otherwise I'm rather a little pleased with this thread.

New thread on religious crimes:
easy read, some interesting stuff, not really directly about Fo1 but rather what it would condemn

Loooong thread, you probably want to pass on this one as it is verrrry looong.
focuses on the nature and origin of the Fo1; I tried to bring out alternate views that I was aware of, kudos to you if you read this one.

Anyhow, comments and ideas are welcome in any of these threads especially as I'll eventually write up something sollid latter in the summer.
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