Evergleem Detainment Camp (Evergloom)

Situated among methane lakes on Evergleem, the colonized moon of Triad (in the Cassidine system), this prison was first designed to hold white-collar criminals from the industrious planet below. Today, however, it is bustling with hardened criminals from all over the Frontier. The security force is about 50% robotic, the restare employees of Cassidine Development Corporation and earn battle pay for their service to the company. The prison exists on a road between two colonies, both of which comprised mostly of people who work for or in the prison itself. The Thrivastine Colony has a space port that shuttles to Triad once per day. The lack of water is one obstacle to potential escapees, but the land is also home to Torsnakes, territorial toxic snakes that make homes in people’s bellies, laying their young and eating their host within days.
Evergleem Detainment Camp
* The hexagonal prison proper will hold 100 criminals per level, and is 20 levels above ground and 10 levels below. The worst criminals go underground, where the methane surroundings and moist environment lead to many health-related ailments. The 3000 prisoner limit has been exceeded several times since the prison’s inception, but currently the top level is closed off and empty. Word on the cell block is that they’re keeping someone important up there...

 Type  Small Carnivore
 Damage1d5 bite 
 Special AttackToxic Bite S5/T10 
 Special DefenseRemains hidden until attacks,
-40% perception to spot
 Native WorldEvergleem, methane coastal areas