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Description: The Universal Roleplaying system or URS as I like to call it is an attempt by me to create a flexible system of rules that with a little imagination and work can be used to create any Campaign model you can think of. This system was created based on the Star Frontiers (URS) 4.5 Edition rules. It is my hope that this system will spawn many Campaign models that are each 100% compatable with other (URS) projects.

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First and most importantly I want to state that the rules and game system being produced in this project are being created for fun, and in no way was it ever intended to infringe on the copyright of any company or individual. No profit has ever been made or will be made using these rules as they stand, and any member of this group is free to leave at any time and may ask that his or her contributions to the project be removed if he/she desires it at any time.

Any participant of this project retains full rights to his or her submissions, and any copies of the rules that are recieved are for personal home use, and are not to be sold or distributed for a fee.

This project has always been a labor of love, by a group of dedicated gamers who fell in love with a little game called Star Frontiers and Roleplaying Games in general and who have never wanted to let their love for Gaming die.