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Description: Adventures in time is not what you might think. In actuality this project has been developed as an add on to the Star Frontiers (URS) project to discuss future campaign adventures, and settings based on the alternate timeline developed for the Star Frontiers (URS) universe.

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This project may require you to be familiar with the alternate rules set being developed in the Star Frontiers (URS) project. the proposed material in this project, like the materials and rules of the URS are being distributed free of charge and are not under any condition to be used to garner a profit. we are doing this as a labor of love for the game we all love, not as a way to profit off of the Star Frontier's brand.

Any member in this group retains full rights to his submissions and may withdraw them at any time if he decides to leave the project.

with that said, lets explore the expanded universe of the Star Frontiers (URS)....