TSSS Morning Glory - Paramilitary Super Freighter

TSSS Morning Glory

The Truane's Star Star Ship (TSSS) Morning Glory, a hull size 20 super freighter, is the flagship of the Obar Enterprises' fleet. This is a custom designed, para-military vessel with no known counterpart in the Frontier (except for it's sister ship, the TSSS Evening Radiance currently under construction at the Triad Starship Construction Center). Designed around the philosophy that you shouldn't have to suffer while working, the layout of the ship is spacious with luxury appointments for both crew and passengers including a large theater, conference rooms, a lounge, a gym and gardens.


In addition to being capable of carrying up to 20 cargo units of material, the ship has eighteen First Class and two Journey Class passenger cabins. The TSSS Morning glory has two larger docking bays capable of holding HS1 shuttles or specially designed HS 2 shuttles as needed. There are also various bays for holding lifeboats, launches and workpods at various points around the ship.


Since the TSSS Morning Glory is the main residence of the owners of Obar Enterprises, the ship also contains two decks dedicated to the owners' apartments. At over 1250 square meters of space per deck, these apartments rival many a luxury apartment around the Frontier.


The ship has ten decks, from top to bottom they are: