Fraal Automated Factory Platform (AFP)

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April 26, 2008 - 5:12pm
Fraal Automated Factory Platform (AFP)

Function The AFPs are the backbone of Fraal military strategy. Operated by a skeleton crew of 25 Fraals these superheavy FTL starships are literally mobile factories. Whenever the Fraal become involved in a major conflicts they dispatch fully stocked AFPs to «quickly» build ships to replace the destroyed ones. Soon the enemy is winded and the conflict comes to an abrupt end. Then, Fraal diplomats come into play to sign a non-aggression treaty. When they need to restock AFPs can harvest raw material from asteroid fields. The AFPs are equipped with advanced mining scanners. Usually after a month the AFP has enough base material to start production of ships. Of course, duration of harvesting depends on the density and quality of material found.

Sequence of Production (order in which assets are built by the AFP)
Production of ships are handle by very advanced AIs and a multitude of specialized technobots. Some of the bots are very automonus and small as mice while others are no more than programmed gigantic manipulator clamps. In case of breakdown a technobot repair crews are dispatched. There is practically no room for humanoids to maneuvers inside the production lines.
Hatches are repairs tunnels are accessible in case major repairs have to be made. The Fraals have optimized to the Nth degree the  production process in order to build ships very rapidly. Hence the numbers bellow. You may find them unrealistic. Feel free to adjust to your level of believability. The AFPs can produce different ships at the same time because they have 4 production lines.

Phase 1- Gunships (Escort_Ultra light) x04 • Production : 5 days
Phase 2- Corvette (Light) x02 • Production : 5 days
Phase 3- Cruiser (Mediumweight) x01 • Production : 15 days
Phase 4- Fleet carrier (Heavy) x01 + Assault fighters (Ultralight) x16 • Production : 30 days
Phase 5- Courier (Ultralight) x02 + Fast Freighter (Ultralight) x02 • Production : 5 days

Ultra light ships (x4) : One line per ship = 5 days
Light ships (x2) : Two lines per ship. One for the frame the other for components = 5 days
Medium ship (x1) : Lines 1, 2 and 3 are used for the frame and line 4 is used for the components. (which slow production considerably: 10 days for one size above light + 5 days for having one line for components = 15 days)
Heavy ships (x1) are built in 3 phases. Phase 1 : All components and fighters are built and stored. In phase 2 all 4 lines are used to build the frame. Phase 3 : Components are added. (very slow production : 20 days for two sizes above light + 10 days for components = 30 days)

Full stats to come.
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