Sundown on Starmist XP awards

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November 6, 2007 - 7:15am

I could not find in the module the typical XP awarded for this adventure.
Any ideas?

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Rum Rogue
November 6, 2007 - 8:04am
Will have to check my copy of it at home.  I recall xp awards being in there.  Might want to check the versions at
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Shadow Shack
November 6, 2007 - 7:52pm
I just rifled through my hard copy and found nothing.
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w00t (not verified)
November 6, 2007 - 8:40pm
I found XP awards in SF0 Crash on volturnus. I was dumfounded that of the three sections that award XP, it was between 2 - 3 points each. Seems all that adventure, dangers and the Quickdeath at the end is worth more that 9 XP.

Searching through the Remastered modules, I found nothing. Apparently it's up to the Ref.

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November 6, 2007 - 8:43pm
Have three copies and it's not in any of them.
There isn't even a exp help note like you find in the Alpha section of Bugs in the System.
If I recall correctly there are a couple books that didn't have any exp mentions in them.

Have seen some GMs give exp out just as it was in the Volturnous series, and others gave it away after the adventure, it's a matter of personal preference really, sometimes the games tend to give too much exp away too often and your players are shooting up in the levels rather quick.

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November 6, 2007 - 8:49pm
There is a wonderful article in SFMan that gives very good guidelines for XP awards.  I would reference that while attempting to figure out how much to give throughout the module.

Really, XP awards should be a function of how fast the Referee (and players) want characters and the game to move forward.  Basically how fast the participants want to get the game into higher powered games.

I like the lower powered games myself, both as a player and Referee.  The struggles faced, and the growth of the characters appeals to me.  So, I dont mind a module granting a grand total of 10 to 15 xp.  Others want games featuring High End Weaponry, Piloting Knight Hawks fighter, and otherwise want the other end of the spectrum.  More XP faster is obviously needed to facilitate this (or starting characters at higher power).  Neither is wrong, and Referees should work out what works best for his group dynamic.
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Imperial Lord
November 6, 2007 - 11:55pm
I would break up that module into several XP junctures...

The first being dealing with the initial part of the Helliope village thing with those messed-up creatures wandering around.  (3, maybe 4 XP tops for that)

The second would be getting to the tank and rescuing that dude (at least 3 XP, maybe as many as 6 with bonuses)

The third would be wiping out that base - I would say at least 4 XP, plus another 1-4 XP in possible bonuses.

So I would think that if someone Golden Pathed Sundown, I would say 15-20 XP for playing that module really, really well.  Slide the scale down for the slackers...