Bounty on Death turn summaries

Wes, Gligit and Kami all made their interview with Carlos Kildare at a Glacial Station bar. Gligit observed Wes being hassled by two human disgruntled with Kildare. Gligits discerned through his innate comprehension ability that they were former employees of Kildare and that the man at the door of the bar waving them off with a drawn gun must be Kildare. He latter got out of Kildare that he had been tied up in with something at the capitol and his former crew decided to just take his snowcat and go hunting on Kildare's license without him forcing Kildare to set the authorities on his employees. Its been two months since that and Kildare is only now getting back to hunting quickdeath. 

He's offering a share in the bounty instead of the usual daily wages. He also promises to teach his method which claims brings a quick death to the quickdeath. Since two out of the three new crew beings lacked basic cold weather gear required for working out of doors on Pale he sent them over to Kumoos Army Surplus Store to gear up telling them to not sweat the weapons as the snow cat comes with plenty.

After they spend what money they had Kumoo showed them through a stock room and out a back door to his fenced in vehicle park where he's been looking after Kildare's snow cat since the authorities brought it back. He as a box of motion sensor and other parts that Kildare ordered for Wes to work on the holographic projector system so that it can once again track a moving body near the snow cat instead of being on a programed projection track. 

Wes is temporarily stunned to see a half canalized warbot in the yard that looks to be an earlier model of the one he use to work on with the military. However, he and the other eventually focus on the snowcat. its old and beat but looks serviceable. Its two separate tracked section with a cat walk and hand rail along both sides of each section. The rear section has a catwalk but not rail. Kumoo climbs up on it and disconnects a fuel oil hose that was filling the tank for the generator. He unlocks the back door and tosses a wand key to Gligits saying, "You’re the technician, right? Kildare said you had a pre-trip check to run."  

To Wes he points to the box of parts Kildare ordered and says, "I believe those are for you."  

To Kami he says, "Kildare said you were the beam weapons expert? He'd like you to field strip, clean and service the beam weapons at least, of which there are quite a few in the arms locker." 

Skill checks from Wes in robotics to work on the holographic tracking system, from Gligit to pre-trip the crawler and catch problems there are any, and from Kami to confirm the beam weapons are in good working order.