Special Rules for Salvaged/Rebuilt Ships


When these craft go on a voyage, the breakdown system is slightly different from the Campaign Book rule. For starters, a rat ship has a 2%/5 year breakdown rate over the canon 1% rate. The rate is based on the hull age. If a breakdown occurs, the referee rolls d% and any system or structure in that age range is subject to failure. For example, a 40 year old hull supported by 30 year old drives and 20 year old communication & detection equipment would roll against those ages. If a 41+ is rolled nothing happens, if 31-40 is rolled there is a hull issue, if 21-40 is rolled then the referess must dice between the drives and hull, and 01-40 dices between all three for a break-down or issue. If the d% roll exceeds the age of all compnents, then consult the standard breakdown table in the Knighthawks Campagin Book (page 10).