Available Services

Herein lies a list of valuable services that can be obtained at Shat Rat's Salvage.


If the party ever finds themselves stranded in a system lacking repair facilities, Shat Rat's can be contacted for the purchase and delivery of replacement items based on availability. Oftentimes they can find an independant hauler or Space Rat willing to ferry the item(s) to the party's location, in which case the cost is usually associated with a 20-25% (d10/2 + 20) fee on behalf of the transporter. If nobody is available for the job (it will take ten days to beat the docks looking for one) Shat Rat's will dispatch one of their own vessels to transport the part at a 30% fee. Naturally the party will have to wait for the duration it takes to get the parts delivered, at ten days plus one day/light year travelled so a side adventure can always be taken during this down time.

It should be noted this is one of the premiere business offerings Shat Rat's Salvage offers that sets them above all the rest, and the company takes great pride in this service. Upon request Shat Rat's can also dispatch an engineering crew if needed, that is how dedicated they are to their customers.

Computers and software packages are available on the Commercial Deck at standard price structures. The following table list the base Computer Program's needed for a starship:

Computer Program
Description / Source
 Astrogation Knight Hawks Table pg. 15
 Drive Knight Hawks Table pg. 12-13
 Life Support Knight Hawks Table pg. 14 & 61
 Alarm Level is equal to number of drives
 Damage Control
 Level is equal to number of drives
 Maintenance Level is equal to number of drives
 Analysis Level equal to Astrogation Program, Deluxe package requires level:6
 Industry Level 1: Machine Shop and Hydroponics 
* Page references are for Knight Hawks Campaign Book

The owner/builder may add in any other desired programs as needed. Some examples include but are not limited to:
  • Weapons and Defensive systems
  • Commerce Program for trade vessels
  • Laboratory for research or medical facilities
  • Other specialty software such as security programs, etc.

Communication (Level:1) ---  This program can be utilized to coordinate intercom networks on ships larger than HS:2.

Installation Security (Level: any) --- This program can handle the Skin Sensors without buying the Skin Sensor software package, in addition to any other internal security measures (surveilance cameras, locks on hatches, etc)


Individual duty station control panels are available for the usual prices as well.




Spacesuits and accessories can be had at the commercial deck at the usual prices, as can engineering tools & equipment. It is extremely rare to recover such items in functional condition (or at all) when salvaging spacecraft.




Agricultural, Exploration, Transport, and Mining equipment can be imported from Triad at the usual +10% fee. Exceptions include cabin furnishings and cargo arms, the former can be imported at the +10% fee or the party can acquire it off site after construction (since the salvaged ship typically already has its compliment of cabins fromthe prior owners or cabins can be constructed during restoration via scrap metal from the yard). Used & salvaged cargo arms are priced as follows:


          used       salvagehold size
cargo arm40%/700Cr x HS 60%/300Cr x HS d5+15 

Note that each cargo arm found in the yard is specific to the hold from which it came, i.e. a HS:6 hold arm will not work in a HS:5 or HS:7+ hold. If the arm is not suitable to the party's hold keep rolling for availability until both options are no longer available.

Salvage Yard Parts & Systems


Below you will find tables with availability percentages and costs for various ship systems. Used items are functional and may need repair 20% of the time with a 10% parts cost on top of purchase price, salvage items are not functional and are in dire need of repair with an additional 25% parts cost to be added to the purchase price. Component small parts are readily available on the commercial deck despite item availability.


Age for any used/salvage item will be 11-60 (½d100 + 10) years old.



Ship Type   used salvage 
 Shuttle 60%/750Cr 75%/350Cr
 System Ship 50%/3800Cr 60%/1700Cr
 Star Ship 35%/11,000Cr 50%/5500Cr
 Deluxe 5%/35000Cr 15%/15000Cr


Most items are readily available new on the commercial deck, although some of the more common items can be found in the scrap heap. Items marked with an asterisk can only be sourced in the scrap yard as Shat Rat's is currently not licensed to carry such new equipment.

item  used  salvage 
 VideoCom Radio 50%/750Cr 70%/350Cr
 SubSpace Radio 65%/15000Cr 85%/6000Cr
 Radar Unit 60%/7500Cr 75%/3500Cr
 Energy Sensor* 25%/150000Cr 40%/70000Cr
 Camera System 40%/18000Cr 55%/8000Cr
 Camera System, ½-size 40%/9000Cr 55%/4000Cr
 White Noise Broadcaster* 20%/60000Cr 30%/24000Cr
 WNB (deluxe)* 5%/300000Cr 15%/140000Cr

Note: camera systems have the same availability rates for full and half sized due to the simple nature that it is mostly based on the number of camera. If the party is looking for a full size and it is not availalbe roll again for half size availability as a possible alternative. If they are looking for half size and it is not available then full size is also not available.


 used salvage 
control panel65%/70Cr80%/30Cr




 drive type & size   used salvage 
 Chemical, A 75%/35000Cr 95%/15000Cr
 Chemical, B 65%/70000Cr 80%/30000Cr
 Chemical, C 50%/150000Cr 60%/60000Cr
 Ion, A 50%/75000Cr 65%/35000Cr
 Ion, B 65%/120000Cr 80%/50000Cr
 Ion, C 35%/140000Cr 50%/60000Cr
 Atomic, A 50%/150000Cr 75%/50000Cr
 Atomic, B 35%/300000Cr 50%/120000Cr
 Atomic, C 20%/500000Cr 35%/225000Cr

Since Shat Rat's Salvage is classified as a CLass:3 SCC new chemical drives are available at standard pricing. Neighboring Triad's SCC is a short hop for Shat Rat's freight haulers so new atomic and ion drives can be purchased through Shat Rat's at a +10% fee.


Shat Rat's has a constant flow of scrap bulkheads, frame work, and hull plating arriving on a weekly basis. This sells for 10,000Cr per hull point and there will be 4d10 hull points worth of material during any given week. This can be used for construction and standard hull repairs alike.


Since Shat Rat's Salvage is not a military contractor they have no access to assault rocket, torpedo, mine, and seeker missile systems or ammunition. UPF and/or Star Law both make periodic inspections to ensure they are not stockign such items and when military ships are found, Shat Rat's honors the code and allows UPF to remove such systems prior to making the ships and hulls available. To that end, any new energy weapon, battery weapon, or defensive screen can be sourced via Shat Rat's & Triad's SCC for the usual prices, and used/salvage items can also be found in the scrap yard as noted in the table below.

 system  used  salvage
 Pod Laser 40%/5500Cr 50%/2200Cr
 Laser Cannon  25%/10000Cr 40%/4500Cr
 Laser Battery 50%/7500Cr 75%/3000Cr
 Proton Battery 25%/10000Cr 35%/5000Cr
 Electron Battery 25%/10000Cr 35%/5000Cr
 Disruptor Cannon 20%/21000Cr 30%/9000Cr
 Rocket Battery 40%/30000Cr 60%/12000Cr
 Masking Screen Launcher 50%/7000Cr 75%/3000Cr
 ICM Launcher 25%/14000Cr 50%/6000Cr

Note that Shat Rat's does not carry ICMs or rocket salvos, but they can be readily purchased at neighboring Traid's SCC. Shat Rat has reflective hull application equipment and chemicals so that service can be performed at standard pricing.