DC2 Working Title: A Reach in the Dark

After a hostile take over of Hepple labs on New Pale by Streel megacorp a disgruntled Hepple employee turned up in Dramune and approached Nyles Devo of Synth Corp's R&D section with a sample and data on a secret discovery that Hepple Labs had been working on. This former Hepple Labs empolyee claims that he hid the bio-form in a stasis chamber at in at a warehouse owned by the brother of the founder of Hepple Labs, the Hepplewhite Star Couriers.

The data is very promising and Devo wants to obtain this slime bug for Sythn Corp R&D but the mission looks to be a smash and grab. Fortunately, he knows a team that he employed in the past that might be perfect for this.

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