DC1 Dramune Dawn

Sythn Corp Executive Nyles Dova, the new head of Research and Development, is after the strange new naturally occuring bio-chemical compound, Flux X, discovered in the ice mines of Outer Reach that may unlock a new generation of pharmaceutical patents and products which would cement his fledgeling mega corp as the drug producer in the sector and finally edge out the behemoth, Pan Galactic Corportion, in this market. Unfortunately Outer Reach is a menagerie of warring crime syndicates, petty warlords and such. The Urich Syndicate had sold samples of Flux X to Dova but the ship he sent to collect them radioed a hyper ignite on lift off, then a mayday and the final message was that they were crashing.

Nyles Dova suspects foul play as the Urich Syndicate was also courting bids form PGC and the ship he contracted for the job was piloted by reportedly "the best bush pilot" in Dramune, a dralasite named Thar with a solid reputation for getting the job done but also of having a dubious character. He needs a trouble shooter team to travel first to Dark World station and discover truth about what happened to Thar's ship, Fast Trade, and if it really did crash. More importantly they are to recover the samples Devo paid for and if possible exact "sanctions" for any treachery on those double crossing Devo.

Referee Overview:
Alpha Section: Debark on Dark World (PCs hitch a ride on Gullwind which is going that way)
Thar sent the radio messages he sent with a gun to his head. His ship Fast Trade never left the ground and is now locked down with mooring clamps. Mal-Urich executed the Sythn Corp employee sent along to over see the trade for the Flux X, kept the payment, and locked up Thar, for now fearing his possible pirate connections.

Thar's right pod dral, Dableck is busy on Dark World station activating and reprograming combat robots from a delivery they were suppose to make on Kdikit and trying to figure out a way to rescue his boss.

This is essentially a Role Play and investigate encounter with a first opportunity for the PCs to experience Dark World.

Beta Section:
Investigate Kaldor Transfer station where Fast Trade is grounded. Deal with guards and get answers. Commandeer an vehicle and proceed to the Urich compound.
Opportunity for investigation and combat, capture and interrogation of one of the Urich guards might be useful. Slave workers present- opportunity for negotiation for their help. Can they forment a slave uprising?

Gamma Section:
Mal-Urich, head of the Urich Syndicate, is smugly gloating over the lucrative payment he kept form Sythn Corp, considering what to do with Thar and his ship and awaiting the negotiation team from PGC. He believes he is untouchable.

The PCs will need to infiltrate his compound with Dableck's help, spring Thar, recover the samples of Flux X, find the code key for the mooring clamps and potentially "exact sanctions" on Mal-Urich.

This is a "clear the hex" dungeon crawl encounter.

Delta Section:
Back to the Fast Trade. Some Urich enforcers give chase along with the newly arrived PGC mercenary escort. This is a vehicle chase back to the Fast Trade. Oppportunity for players to experience vehcile combat.

Epsilon Section: "Don't worry, I can out run them!"
PCs may man the guns on Fast Trade
Knight Hawks level action Fast Trade vs PGC privateer and a pair of Parasite fighters (docked externally to the hull). they must evade the PGC assets make it to the envelope of Inner Reach militia coverage.

Note the Biochemical compound may be impounded by the Inner Reach militia due to regulations concerning potentially dangerous unknown cargo so the PCs will need to get Thar to hide it on his ship. or hide some and leave some for the militia to find and empound.

Opportunity to meet the future commander of the IR militia.

Epilog: Getting paid and delivering the samples. Thar will secretly keep a small amount.