[Project Update] 3-12-17 : Development Schedule

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March 12, 2017 - 10:46am
Ahoy all you space pirate enthusiasts.....

Several decisions have been made, so here is where the project stands at this point.

1.  Characters will start as level 1 Alpha Dawn rules 
2.  Pre Gens will be provided for those who want to play with those or for solo players who want to fill up the 5 .      character roster.
3.  There may be some new skills added related to Information Broker activities.  
4.  The date for the first adventure is going to be 70 F.Y. (after Volturnus, before Zebulon Guide).
5.  As characters progress through the first few adventures, were they are the crew (mates) on a pirate ship, .        they will evntually acquire the space ship skills found in Knight Hawk rules.

The first adventure may be completed by this upcoming Tuesday, March 14. 2017.  Play testers are requested and the first running should be by next Friday or Saturday.  

Adventure format follows the same as the official SF modules.  Each section will have subsections of: Background Story; Player Information; Preparation; Action; Post Action "Settling Up"; Epilogue.

I am still leaning towards running this using Google Hangouts, or my own TS3 server.  

[GM Note] When I run an adventure online I don't use table top counters, or movement / facing.  Instead, those are determined by what actions the player declares and a judgement is made as to whether or not that is reasonable.  

"Less die rolling, more story telling" is my goal.