2016 hopeful: Beyond the Frontier series

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January 19, 2016 - 9:06am
I have been scheduling and running games during the summer for my oldest son and his friends (they'll be 17 this upcoming summer). Some years ago, I ran "Warriors of White Light" for them, introducing Star Frontiers and Savage Worlds to them. One of them was so impressed, he went and bought the rules from eBay, and ran it two winters ago for a wider batch of boys. Cool

Since then, I've gotten the itch to run SF again, and I've never done the "Moraes-War Machine-Face of enemy" trio. Reading it, it seems like a good mix of diplomacy, close-combat action, and ship-fighting. I think I'd like to visit this for this summer's campaign. Perhaps 3 players may be from the previous group.

Has anyone run these? Any suggestions for pacing, additions, deletions, and so on?
How many sessions can it be fit into? I would love this to be a weekly game, but summer vacations and such might reduce this to 6-8 sessions across the summer.

Rule set is up for discussion, I'm a big fan of Knight Hawks for ships, but I'd like to give the 5th ed. D&D conversion a whirl, too. Could be a mix.

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January 22, 2016 - 2:10am
I ran all of these, back in the day. I pretty much kept-them as is, although it seems I renamed the Eleanor Moraes to being the 'Happy Go-Lucky'. I can't remember why, but that's what my pencil notes say.

As to how many sessions, it depends on your players. It took my group quite a while to get through Moraes, and in general playing through all 3 adventures took at least three months (playing once a week in 6 hour sessions), but probably longer. That said, my players are particularly cautious - and sometimes prone to long 'discussions' about certain events/rules/etc Wink

There's a short clip from a tape-recorded session from 1987 here:


We were using Zeb's Guide rules. As you can hear, our sessions were a somewhat confused melee of actual role-playing and many other things - including bickering Laughing