Eorna Eggs

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May 24, 2015 - 2:21pm
Since I'm playing in a campaign going through the old Volturnus modules, it reminded me how awesome they were (for their time).  The battle of Volturnus was a big highlight of my early gaming years.  But now that I have so many years of gaming under my belt, I can't help but see wheels within wheels...

Assuming the players beat off the Sathar invasion fleet, the Eorna discover a huge cache of eggs in an abandoned orbiter. Doesn't that seem a little too convenient?  I mean seriously... the Sathar had a fleet in orbit a just few hours ago!  If the orbiter was already there, wouldn't it have been noticed before by the Eorna, the pirates, or the prior explorer missions?

  1. Sathar love messing around with genetics.  What would they have done to Eorna eggs?  Would they be subtle and leave some mental backdoors?  Or would they be cruel and add some new "features" to their children?
  2. How long thinking are their plans?  They could add a hidden kill-switch trigger to wipe the whole race after enough time had passed for the selfish-DNA to be shared through the whole gene pool.
  3. Sathar love causing trouble and suspicion.  The Sathar could later reveal that they left those eggs there intentionally.  Since the Eorna are the parents of Volturnus, the Frontier races would never trust the Volturnus races?
  4. Alternately, depending on your campaign, maybe this is a hint into Sathar psychology.  They intentionally left pure viable eggs because they had been beaten?  What does that mean?  Why would they do that?
Fun?  Other ideas?

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Rum Rogue
May 24, 2015 - 8:47pm
one adventure change-up I read in the past had the pc's travelling to the a moon for the Mechanon section and there they found the egg ship

You've got some great ideas there. Nice and devious.
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May 26, 2015 - 6:10am
Is the egg ship in orbit or out in the outer system? it could perhaps be missed if its on a long period orbit of the system primary.

Idea: PCs get to investigate this anomalous object in a long period orbit and realize that its the egg ark- the last hope of the eorna species but there are some problems:

1. instalation defenses that must be overcome

2. A failing reactor that must be serviced, repaired or refueled- it is after all 900 years old

3. a lingering sathar asset in the outer system- perhaps the sathar cutter and a KHs encounter, it detects something when the PCs manage to bring the reactor fully on line and off emergency power levels - it would burn more brightly to energy sensors and a small ship like the cutter stoodging around in the outer system would be lying quiet and watching whats going on to report back. Unfortunately, its captain is an upper caste sathar with ambitions of rising higher thus he plans to investige more directly and realizes that its an eorna egg ark like one the worms captured 900 years ago on their first visit and if he can secure it for the sathar his advancement would be assured.  This situation could go a number of ways- KHs resolution- boarding of the station by the sathar for an AD resolution. potential counter boarding of the sathar vessel where the PCs might learn that the sathar had indeed captured another egg ship.

Question: is there another population of eorna out there enslaved to the sathar?

this would be an easy adventure submission for the zine if we had a handing deckplan.

Note all activity on this ark would/could be done in 0 g.
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May 26, 2015 - 6:23am
I checked and the module says the orbiter is on a wide orbit around Volturnus

this suggests that the author's intent was that the sathar over look it, especially since the info is in an epiloge that reads like the classic "Hollywood ending". and if you went with that I would suggest changing it to being an orbit around Zebulon some distance from Volturnus as that would be more believable for it to be overlooked.

However, ScottHammer's sathar plot angle is equally vallid of a take on this IMO.
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May 26, 2015 - 11:29am
@ ScottHammer: you may want to look at this thread. One of the posts specifically talks about the egg ship. http://sfus.starfrontiers.info/node/8103
I know that I changed the orbiter from an presumed station to a colony expedition ship but it worked for the idea I was developing.

In fact you may find the whole Volturnus Revisited project helpful.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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May 26, 2015 - 1:43pm
Pretty cool.  That's another set of ideas.  I like how you build a whole society from the Eorna based on how they might react to the recent events.

I'm working from the assumption that the orbiter is too convenient to be true, so it must have been faked by the Sathar. Of course, I'm not running this version of the game (yet), but someday...  for now, I'm just thinking about the consequences and potential games that could come from it. 

1) Maybe the players are UPF investigators trying to convince the Eorna to let them inspect the eggs.
2) Maybe the players are hired by the Eorna to hunt down escaped "children" - but to keep it secret.
3) Maybe the players are hired by the Eorna to search for evidence providing the Sathar did (or didn't) put the orbiter.