CaesarCon 2014

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December 30, 2013 - 10:06am

I hope this is the right place for this.

Hi everyone!

CaesarCon 2014 is scheduled for March 28-30 in Montpelier, Ohio, and registration is open to the public.  The tiny game convention had about 30 participants last year and hopefully will have more this year.  Details can be found here:

I'll be running three Call of Cthulhu games at the convention on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning.  Here they are:

With Extreme Prejudice is set for Friday night.  The scenario takes place in May of 1969 and players take the part of various soldiers who have been incarcerated for their crimes during the war.  They each thought that Long Binh Jail would be their last stop before being shipped off home for a court martial and then incarceration in Leavenworth.  However, some CIA spook has made them each an offer they'd be a fool to refuse: one last top-secret mission to wipe the slate clean before a discharge and then shipment home.  At least they aren't going to prison.

Leaflet Mission II will be Saturday night (and I'm willing to take up to 10 players).  It takes place in February of 1945 during WWII and explores the fate of the B-17 Bomber "Big Money," sister ship of the "Pretty Lady" which was the focus of the scenario Leaflet Mission at CaesarCon 2013.  The night mission over Germany was to drop leaflets, just another typical mission for the "Big Money."  At least it would have been if it weren't for the "observer" who has been assigned to the mission to see that the leaflets fall where they're supposed to.  The crews of both aircraft are also being briefed separately.  What was going on?

Video of last year's play of Leaflet Mission which (as it says above) dealt with the other B-17 bomber in the mission) can be found here: if anyone is interested in the fate of that aircraft.  This year's game will be much different.

The Curse of Dudleytown takes place in Connecticut in the early 19th Century. Each of the investigators has their own reasons for going to Dudleytown: bringing back lumber for his employer, visiting a sick sister, comforting those of the faith, and selling his wares.  However, something is wrong with the tiny Connecticut community.  Is the curse on this village of the damned powerful enough to catch the investigators up in it as well?

There are other games as well, including a Call of Cthulhu game that takes place on the Titanic, a game of Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space, and board games Talisman, The Resistance, Mansions of Madness, Winter Air War, and The Legend of Drizzt and Lords of Waterdeep.  Not all games have yet been registered yet.