Bite Sized Portions

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October 15, 2013 - 4:38am
One of the things I ran into while working on the timeline a few years ago was that its big and sometimes daunting to deal with. In the effort to trim it down to size and make it more managable I chopped it into ages since the Zebs time line actually identifies a period of time as the Age of Adventure- though I might have shifte the time period when the Age of Adventrue occured.

What I came up with was:

Age of Colonization (also referred to as the Age of First Contact by some academics) period of time when the core four met and there was rapid colonization of the Frontier. It ends with the 1st sathar war and the founding of the UPF

Age of Adventure (also referred to as Age of Exploration but within PGC its referred to as the Pan Galactic Age) It ends with the 2nd Sathar War.

Age of Corporate War (also called Age of ICEWARS- from the acrostic in Zebs.)

A Brave New AGe (name comes from the famous novel):
I generally took this to end with the ending of the Zebs Time line and figured that the last event of the Zebs time line could be used to signal a massive change- Aeonflux sort of stuff- AI's coming of age, bio-scuplt where you want to change the physical structure of your feet to be that of hands to age in climbing sure- its an outpatient proceedure. You want to add a 3rd breast to your chest for some reason sure. People walkning around with computers in their heads (the biological computer from Dragon magazine)
technology is almost magical but limited to those with the ability to pay.

Sathar exist still but their threat has been diminished- all new tech for KHs which obsoletes original KHs which means a frigate can thrash several sathar destroyers and Space Fleet took the war to the worms and wiped out a few worm planets. Now however the klicks are being encountered and they are equal to the challenge of Space Fleet.

Society has changed- there are great divides in the have and have nots.

New Frontier worlds- outside the Core worlds of the AD/Zebs map.

EDIT: the above is just what I came up with and I'm not absolutely committed to any of its- other names and divisions in the time line are possible. I think the division I made are good ones, though and let you handle distinct portions of the timeline easily. I actually like multiple names for the different ages because humanity rarely agrees on anything and we have 4 sapient species involved so have a name for an age and then stating that its also known as..... has a good feel to me.
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