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October 13, 2013 - 5:43pm
I see this project as an effort in archaeology and detective work to try and puzzle out of the available resources the most plausible timeline(s) detailing the arrival of the core four races, the discovery of the frontier, and the founding of the federation.  All timelines are welcome to be discussed and crafted.  This is not a place for Zeb’s guide bashing or purist only worship.  I think we have correctly gathered enough evidence of the past few years to know that the timeline work done by TSR was rushed and possibly done as a last minute filler to Zeb’s guide.  The modules were not all written to be rigidly placed in a timeline order.  Some were intentionally created to be sandbox adventures for the GM to place whenever or wherever fit to their campaign.  As such let’s use this project to collaboratively build our own campaign timelines.  I encourage each of us to present diverse works.  I also encourage each of us to freely offer up our creations to be used by each other in other timelines.  My hunch is the best timeline will be made by all of us.

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October 13, 2013 - 6:00pm
iggy’s Goals:

  1. Create a solid history that puts each of the core four races into the frontier without attachment to their home worlds.  I do not wish to bother with meddling home world politics.  The frontier is a new start, clean slate, for the core four.
  2. Put all of the TSR modules into a solid order for a group to play through.
  3. Use as much of the published timeline as possible with the underlying belief that the writers may have been tasked with compiling the notes of past designers in a rush situation without opportunity to ask questions.  As such they had no good way to catch or correct errors.
  4. Have something that could get one of the original designers to stop and study it because it is so close to their campaign(s) that they are impressed.
  5. Fold in the best fan material.

I expect others have their own goals for participating in this project and I encourage everyone to post them.

@jedion, I logged in this afternoon with the specific intention to create this project.  I’m glad you beat me to it.  It makes me feel assured that there are others who want this project and will participate and post.  I fear a desolate project.

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October 14, 2013 - 6:45pm
I have a time line I have been working on. Can I post it somewhere here?
Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?

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October 14, 2013 - 7:16pm
I'd recommend in the documents section.  We should create an "Assorted timelines" top level document and then everyone can place their personal timelines as sub documents under that one.
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October 14, 2013 - 7:36pm
Yes post your timeline here in this project.  If you wish, also post your goals to making your timeline and we can then help you reach your goals.  I like TerlObar's suggestion about how to collect them all together.

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October 15, 2013 - 4:09am
Late getting back; took the fam to my parents house to winterize their house for the winter.

Iggy and I are on the same page.

Primarily this project should be about a Fan revised Time Line that honors the original, resovles the problem, as much as possible, that have been identified in the original, and presents a coherent documents for the use of the fan community. (Naturally, enough my desire is to see it published and I consider that an end goal as well, though another participant might not share that motivation.)

Secondly, smaller since I think we can all agree that the tediousness that is the 2nd Sathar War portion of the timeline is not the greatest thing ever- I would like to see a timeline with major points and secondary timelines like "A Time Line of the First Sathar War" "A Time Line of Laco's War" etc. Its enough to know that a major multi year event went on but I dont think we need to clutter the time line with the minutae of what when on in that event. However, I do see a value to knowing what went on so those secondary timelines have a value and a place.

Thirdly, anyone who has a timeline they worked can post it here- either in documents or downloads per their inclination.

Fourthly I see a value to having a AD timeline based on purely AD and module material, which no doubt will give rise to identifying timelines as: AD, Zebs, and so on. (I would also propose we name the major fan revised timeline something like Beta Dawn or something.
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