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Description: This Excel spreadsheet creates Alpha Dawn / Knight Hawks (but not Zeb's) characters for teh four basic races and all skills and character equipment (excluding spaceships)

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This Excel spreadsheet has a page "0" for instructions and starting values.  At some point, I will add the VB Script to enable a roller rather than using the random number generator (which causes some convulted instructions.

Start at page 0 and work through to page 4, filling in the white blanks, and you will have a standard, 4 race, PC with all AD and KH skills and equipment.

The current version (1.0) doesn't have the pagination right for printing and includes instructions for MAC re-roll only (they exist on the PC but don't have the shortcut keys for PC in the instructions -- this is trivial since if you enter values in random cells it will do the same thing).

All comments, criticism and suggestions welcome.  Errors are all mine.  Feedback appreciated.