Age of Assumption

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August 13, 2013 - 7:24pm
Maybe this was covered somewhere so let me know.

Age of Assumption the age at which a being is considered responsible and can assume their place in society.

Currently in the US this is a little confusing since you can vote and jion the military at 18 but can not buy alcohol until 21 and can not rent a car until 25. Marrying varies between 16 and 18 by state. But for argument sake let's use 18. Mainly because that is the age your education ends and they tell you to start living your own life because you are supposedly prepared.

Now in earlier times and societies this age was much younger mainly because when most people didn't live past 35. 200 years ago a woman not married at 18 was considered on her way to spinsterdom.

Now we have the Frontier where the youngest race lives till 140 and the oldest 250. This begs some questions:

Is there a general Age of Assumption or is it race specific?

Is it tied to education or reproductive cycles?

Are their varying ages for varying things such as marriage, voting, driver's license, entering the military, running for political office  

Also given the supposedly advanced medicine of the Frontier how long is the useful working life and retirement of the various races and is there a parallel between ages of the four races. Do Yazirians expect to die with their glide going and have very short retirements while Dralasites expect to sit in floater chairs debating each other for decades after their working lives are done.

OK any thoughts.
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August 13, 2013 - 8:20pm
These are all great questions that we explored a bit in the core four project.

I feel that the races are all a bit different on the age of assumption.  I have the dralasites have a two stage assumption.  They are free to wander right after they bud from their parent, then they calm down and find a stoa and learn a career until the stoa agrees they are prepared and then they go to the adult equivelent of their lives.  I haven't placed an age on this yet but it would be realted to their first budding.

My take on the vrusk is that they are of age when they molt their first time.  Not the molt from larvae to exoskeleton, but from small exoskeletion to full size.  I don't have a series of exoskeleton sizes either, just first molt and second molt.

Yazirians get their assumption when they are blooded.  In modern times this is all planned and schooled by the elders, but in primative times it was when the yazirian could kill game big enough to support a mate.  They associated this with the lask.

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August 13, 2013 - 8:22pm
Well, we have talked about some of this.  I think it is in the Core Four project.  I'll see if I can dig up links or someone else who knows where they are can post them if they beat me to it.

I definitely think it is race specific and shorter for Drals and Vrusk than for Yazirians and Humans but that's just my personal take on it.
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August 14, 2013 - 12:34am
It should be of note that in the 19th century, the onset of puberty was on the average of 15 for girls and 16 for boys. Today, it's 10–11 for girls, and 11–12 for boys. It is not known why this is, but there are a number of theories - they are mostly about diet and environmental factors. We never really adjusted Age of Assumption, as we tend to be dated with most things. An 18-year old then, would be like a 13-year old of today, and back then, kids were forced to grew-up fast. Although in the Frontier, health and lifestyle are vary different from our own. It is hard to say when people start maturing, as the rules where never clear on that (it is an advantage to develop later, as it would give a longer time for children to learn).

Oh yeah, a GST year of 8,000 GST hours is markedly shorter than our Earth year of 8,765.81 hours. It is about a ±.1 difference. It may seen small, but really add-up over time, as a 20-year old Frontiersman would be 18 on Earth.

I think this was addressed before with the topic of aging and sexual development. I cannot remember where I found them or figured them out, but I posted age charts for the core races, at the SFwiki.

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August 14, 2013 - 2:10am
Yeah I think we talked about it but I like rattravellers name for it "Age of Assumption" it sounds more alien culture influenced to me unless its also used on Earth and I've never heard it before. I think we absolutely need different ages for different species but we dont need to complicate much more than that.

age of accountability legal connotations and sounds like a human concept

age of assumption sounds dralasite to me potentially tied to the dralasite code- assuming ones place in society figures well with he code we came up with.

I would expect the vrusk word to be tied to the molting as suggested but its also in their rather unpronouncible language so its less likely to impact Pan Gal

yazirian wording would be pretty much as iggy suggested, it also could be analogous to Age of Assumption- assuming responsibility for the welfare of the clan- ie by extention you are now a hunter/warrior and so on
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