Enterprise VS Enterprise

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December 27, 2012 - 10:02am
Andy over at SF-UN yahoo group posted this analysis of the US Navy's Enterprise vs Captian Kirk's Enterprise

its an interesting comparison and I found the conclusions interesting as well.

Andy wrote:

The Alpha Dawn rules were written with very much a pulp sci fi / space opera frame of mind, a genre which in many ways links up well with an Age of Sail approach (independent ship captains ranging fairly independently about space) similar to that found in classic Trek. In my Star Frontiers, I approach ships that way from the founding of the Frontier up through Sathar War I and its aftermath. The

Knighthawks rules - especially the boardgame section - were by contrast written very much in a WW II style.. a mix of big gun ships (UPF battleships and Sathar heavy cruisers) mixing it up with carriers, fighters and assault scouts (my take on the scouts being something of a mashup of torpedo bombers and PT boats). In my SF, that state of affairs comes together in the aftermath of the Corporate Wars, in which an underfunded Spacefleet found itself overmatched by pirates and corporate mercenaries; that fiasco led to the UPF waking up and funding a new round of 'next generation' craft to dominate the spaceways (and incidentally ensuring their survival, by the skin of their teeth, when the Sathar invade again in SW II).

Good food for thought article, and I'd be interested in hearing others' takes.


I like Andy's take on it and think that an under paid Space Fleet is an excellent modle for the early timeline with a major incident Dramune War 2 perhaps? as a catalyst for the UPF deciding that it need ed to organize a stronger fleet just in time for Sathar War 2. In fact sathar spies supplying their masters with intel on the new build up for Space Fleet causes the a reworking fo the worms plans and forces an ill timed launch of the Sathar War 2 - perhaps the worms were not fully ready for and their premature activation of their war plan combined with Space Fleet finally being funded in a big way put both sides on parity for the war.
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