Old Ephemeris article on the Humma

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September 15, 2012 - 7:47pm
Andrew L Chang wrote:

 Excerpt from Dr. Tarip Esner's* "The Curse of One - A Study into the Humma Culture-Linguistic Link" (pg. 137)

Hev -- One (noun), Hated (adj), Cursed (adj)

 This one word sheds light into the mentality of the Humma while giving support to the theory of past Sathar intervention. As can be seen, the Humma associate the number one with the idea of being under a curse. This no doubt is linked to the reproductive cycle of the Humma who may only bear one child. Now it is obvious that this has not always been the state of affairs, for the Humma now number several million. This leads one to the conclusion that the current condition is not the natural nor desired one. The proposition by Pinola (FY 108) is supported by Teikos Hev -- the 108's name for Outpost #1. Although Outpost #1 is the common translation from the Humma language, the name can also be translated Fortification One or Hated Fortification. Now in the light of the previous occupants of Teikos Hev, Hated Fortification may be a better translation. This theory ties together with Pinola. If Pinola is indeed right then the etimology may be somewhat as follows.

 The Humma were a race which the Sathar met early on. As is their way, the Sathar enslaved the Humma. But as any student or friend of a Humma can witness, they are not of the inclination to be controlled. A revolt ensues which is costly to the Sathar. However the Sathar with superior technology prevail and decide to reduce the risk of further revolts by genetically engineering the Humma so that only they may bear only one child each, whereas they previously bore up to eight pups per litter.** By controlling the females in the population, they are able to threaten the race with extinction. Thus the number one became associated with a cursed state. Later in their history, the Humma are able to throw off the yoke of oppression (perhaps when the Sathar became occupied with war upon the UPF). Upon joining the UPF, and offered a chance to strike back at the _bah_ (meat, enemy, Sathar), the Humma were more than willing. Thus, upon learning of the outpost of Sathar, it became to be called Teikos Hev -- the Hated Fortification of the Sathar. Since the liberation of the planet, the 108th, have kept the name to remind themselves of the Humma condition and those who brought it upon them in the first place.

* Dr. Tarip Esner is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Zebulon. As a Yazirian he is one of the few races which the Humma respect, giving him opportunity to study their culture as none other have. He is considered the foremost expert on Humma culture and society.

** More evidence of the original reproductive state of the Humma is indicated in their name for a Humma who has given birth to a litter of two pups -- Asumfora -- without misfortune. Rather than being called Seemeiov-miracle. This is in light of the fact that litters of two pups occur only once out of every eighty million (1/80,000,000) Humma.

 Well, what do you think? The idea of Humma twins sure brings up ideas .. . . Thanks!
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September 15, 2012 - 7:52pm
We've already discussed the issue of the humma's reproduction scheme being impossible and discussed so other options.  but the genetic manipulation angle is intriguing too. I could roll with this.

What if its a virus that that has spread throughout the race that has caused this? Everyone is infected.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!