The Brave New Frontier

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June 1, 2012 - 5:24am
What would a Brave New Frontier look like in the years 150-200 FY?

This is a multi-faceted question embracing:






Medical advances

Interstellar relations

I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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June 1, 2012 - 11:32am
Actually, I have been thinking about making a new project like that retro-styled setting based in the history of the Frontier, but this one is based on the glassy, bright mono-colors seen in contemporary sci-fi - basically a future where everything looks like an iPod or that new Tron movie. The main hangup is figuring up a good name for it.

I had given it a lot of thought:

The UFP is a large centralized government than makes-up the established Frontier. Many of the races that appeared in the modules are now members of the UFP - so there are about a dozen playable races to choose from. The "New Frontier" expands outwards in all directions! They makeup new colonies and homestead, untouched worlds, and routs that fade into the unknown! But here is a twist: The Sathar was defeated in SWIII, and they have been occupied. Now a reformed Sathar movement seek full rights and membership. There is still a strong resentment over the Sathar, and they are generally miss-treated by older UFP citizens - they younger are a little more sympathetic towards their defeated ally. Even with the Sathar menace out of the way, there is a new threat on the horizon... Something worst then the Sather! But that is just an idea - it may not happen.

In this new world, technology is advanced and ubiquitous. This is a post-cyberpunk era, so cyberware are considered old fashion devices, as nano-tech and bio-engineering are the latest developments. Communication can happen telepathically through internal radio comm-set. Bodycomps are now internal implants that work like tiny iPods that can transfer data through the palms of one's hands or by radio. Most items can be fabricated, and as such, an items value is based on their raw materials, or on historic, artistic or sentimental value. Spaceships are controlled by AIs, and are treated like NPCs. Ships and stations use gravity fields. Cold-fusion reactors have replaced the old atomic reactors, and ion and chemical are rarely used.

In this post-human era, people live a long time, and maintain youthful and beautiful appearance for much of their lives. Since the attempt assassination of Queanee Kloonanu, see-through apparel become fashionable, and without a cultural sense of modesty, uniforms are scant: transparent body sleeves, with opaque area around the crotch and shoulders, and with markings and icons on the shoulder and (strategically placed on the) chest. Even with the casual nudity and see-through apparel, people still wear clothing. Loose-fitting robes or togas, as well as (strategically placed) neon lines and bikini patters over the transparent body sleeves are all quite popular.

There have been issues over what constitutes as "sentient." There have been AIs, advanced robots, Sapes, and other man-made beings wishing for and demonstrating social equality. Even in this high-tech wonderland, their are those on the edge of known space that rejects artificial enhancements - The Naturals - and they see cyborgs as "robot-lovers," and genetically-altered people as degenerate mutants.

I'm still coming up with ideas. What do you guys think?