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Description: Introducing Jugger as a (Yazyrian?) sport league to Star Frontiers.

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I quite liked the little games in the Volturnus series. Now I  would like to adapt Jugger, from the movie "Blood of Heroes" (of the end-80th), into Star Frontiers.  It could either be played on post-apocalyptic worlds as in the movie, or, even better, there could be a league with rugged teams travelling in old lumbering spaceships from event to event (like travelling musicians).

As for the rules, I have uploaded some core rules, ehich will be expanded and updated as soon as I can manage to do it. 

4 enforders, 1 qwik.

As for an adaptation of Jugger as a today sport, see the (free) PDF factbook at uhusnest. You will find some trailers on Blood of Heroes at youtube like this one.

I think Jugger might add some rugged flavour as a great, messy sport event all over the Frontier ...