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September 25, 2011 - 11:02am
There has been several different formats in the webzine depicting systems, planets and moons. What do you think of this image, is it a good standard moving forward? If I use the white background version (I have a black background version as well) it becomes a great tool for Referee's to write notes on and label areas of the system.

Content of Star Frontiersman project

Cassidine System

Star Type: G8 V
Stellar Radius: 629,184 km (0.904 Sol)
Stellar Mass: 1.332697 x 1030 kg (0.67 Sol)
Stellar Temperature: 5,140 K
Luminosity: 1.99982 x 1026 W (0.52 Sol)
Planets: 8

The Cassidine system was discovered in 249 pf by Malcolm Cassidy, founder and CEO of Cassidy Dynamics, the forerunner of Cassidine Development Corporation.  Cassidy named the star Cassidyne after his company; the star was often misspelled until it eventually was officially listed as Cassidine.  The initial settlement in the system was a conglomerate of human, vrusk and dralasite business entities, which gave the third planet the name Triad.  In the same year, Malcolm's brother Rupert built a small base on the second planet, which served as a combination bar, settlement and outpost which was named Rupert's Hole, which the world is still called to this day.  

Malcolm Cassidy named the planets in the Cassidine system after animals, places and people in his family's history.  The innermost world of Emu after a large flightless bird, Dingo and Koala likewise after after animals, while the gas giant Canberra after an ancient city on Earth.  Sheila was named for Cassidy's ex-wife, for whom he had no positive emotions.  Bunyip, an eccentrically orbiting world, was named for a mythical creature of Earth history, which could often be heard but never seen.  Bunyip's orbit and immense gravity causes many Kuiper objects and asteroids in the system to shift their orbit suddenly, sending them into the inner system or out into space.

The people of Cassidine are of two kinds; first, those of [[Triad]] are very business-like and accustomed to the refinements of a high-tech society.  Triadians are very cosmopolitan, as they are a mixed society. 

Those of [[Rupert's Hole]] are of a different sort altogether.  Holers are independent, free-wheeling and used to living by their own labors.  Holers are almost all human, and while they bear little animosity around non-humans, they are not necessarily as open as Triadians.  Triadians often view Holers as backwards, unkempt and unruly, while Holers see Triadians as elitist, slick and banal.  Despite this disparage in opinion, the residents of Cassidine are proud of each other and the achievements they have made.

The Planets
Emu (Cassidine I)
[[Rupert's Hole]] (Cassidine II)
[[Triad]] (Cassidine III)
Dingo (Cassidine IV)
Sheila (Cassidine V)
Canberra (Cassidine VI)
Koala (Cassidine VII)
Bunyip (Cassidine VIII)

Cassadine System image

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September 25, 2011 - 4:24pm
I don't mind the small worlds, but I don't like the moons obscuring the jovian parent.

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September 25, 2011 - 5:58pm
It's more efficient than ringing the outside of the planets with them and its more attractive than grouping them to either side. I wouldn't really call it obscuring. You're not really missing anything. Though I believe the planets should be tilted in their orbital relationships toward the star, along with their moons. You might try making some of the moons sit partially obscured behind the planets.
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September 27, 2011 - 1:49am
hmmz... keeping them in view would make a hex-overly add-on easier... then you might 'fake' some orbital relationships, the way a couple obscure boardgames I can't remember the name of do.

I likes it! Cool

Having nothing to do with the data graphic idea itself, looking at that graphic, I am struck by the lack of belts. Bunyip should be bordered inside and out, Koala should have orbital companions... and there should probably be trojans worth mentioning in the data.
 [shrugs] very underpopulated with stellar and interstellar bodies, not overpopulated with colonies and aliens...
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if you square a square it becomes a cube...
if you square a cube does it become an octoid?

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Inigo Montoya
September 27, 2011 - 1:35pm
I think that it looks great and would be very helpful.