Zebulon's Guide to the Osak System

Osak (G4 primary)

Prevelant Race
Moon's uses
 Fhloid Osakar Outpost Military 0.8
 20 - None -
 Osaka Osakar Heavy Industrial 1.1 25 FSS, DS
Resource Mining
 Piscatien Osakar/
 Outpost Education
 1.0 35 - None -
 Reanee * Moderate Business 1.0 20 - None -
 Wonma * Light Agriculture
& Technology
 1.2 30 ASSWeskin

Planetary and Satellite Footnotes

Fhloid is a military outpost belonging the system militia. Details about this planet and the Osakaran Defense Force's (ODF) activities here are classified. One Space Fleet analyst wrote a controversial paper outlining a secret agreement between the Flight, the Capellan Free Merchants and the ODF to carry out secret military research here possibly involving captured sathar equipment and or specimens. The treaty with the Rim Coalition requires sharing of important imformation on mutual threats to the Frontier and the Rim by both parties. If the ODF is carrying out secret research this would not constitute a treaty violation in any technical sense though it is considered one in the spirit.

Osaka is the homeworld of the osakar race, the seat of government for the Rim Coalition, and the headquarters for the Flight. One osakaran poet equated it to the heart of the Rim (Capella was the brians and Fochrik was the soul though other commentators have changed this to equate Fochrik as the anus). Due to quirks in the osakaran physche making them among the most religious race, Osaka is considered the religious center of both the Frontier and Rim. Its Valley of Temples is a significant tourist attraction for off world visitors, a major city in its own right. Galleeo Plateau, once a barren wind swept plateau due to its thin atmosphere is now a major star port offering a significant fuel savings for ships launching from here. Ottapack City is the capitol of both Osaka and the Rim Coalition.

Ostakon Station, Osaka, is the Flight's primary military base in this system. Small areas of the station are leased to the ODF and the CFM.

Osslow Station, Osaka, is the premier star ship construction center in the Rim. It is a class 1 construction center and fully outfitted docking station. All civilian traffic coming to Osaka passes through Osslow Station.

Obladee, the innermost moon of Osaka, is the sight of a major terraforming and colonization effort. Its atmosphere is very thin and unsurvivable without air masks. The cities currently being built all have inflated domes. Because of the ease of constructing the inflated dome cities, its projected that Obladee will reach moderate population levels in the next decade.

Octon, the third moon of Osaka, is the site of the CFM's first trading post in the Osak system. Since the development of the planet Reanee, the showrooms on Octon have lost their importance. As a result landing pads can be rented at a good prices and its not hard to find a ship's captain who'll take any job without asking questions. Since the CFM's 60 year lease is up in 3 years its speculated the it will not be renewed. Local business interests and mega corps from the UPF are all exploring options for developing Octon after the CFM pulls out.

Piscatien, is a research station funded by joint osakar and ifshnit business interests.

Reanee, with better gravity then the moon Octon, has become the premier trading station in the system. It's fully integrated population of Rim races has seen a significant rise in numbers from the races of the UPF. The CFM administers and polices the planet. It is the trading hub of the Rim if you exclude the Capella system.

Wonma, is an important colony in the outer system. Its economy is rooted in cutting edge research and development of high tech and agricultural products. Travelling amoung its habitat domes usually requires decon procedures as the sealed environments are used to isolate and develop new agriculture products. New products are being developed all the time and this is an excellent stop for the captian looking to score a good deal on an experimental ag product. Variable price at point of delivery means the trader my realize more or less then he expected when picking up the cargo.

Weskin, the first moon of Wonma, is a significant research station connected to the operations on Wonma. The University of Zebulon has an extention campus and research facility here. Ships picking up cargo at Wonma and heading toward UPF space often pic up passengers here bound for Volturnus.