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April 7, 2011 - 1:31pm
Just wanted to stop by and let you know my status and why I have not been active as of late;

After publishing the Adventure Idea Factory we sought other ways to create income to purchase artwork for Frontier Space(TM). To that end we wrote a Labyrinth Lord module - Dark Times In Brighton(TM) due out soon. I wrote a light game system called Bare Bones Game Systems(TM) and intend to make a boxed set that fits in your pocket. :-) Just got the dice from the vendor. Check 'em out! (Play testing continues next week if your in Toledo)


I think the best news people are looking for is the decision to split out the Frontier Space book. This allows us to move the public play test schedule up. Very exciting!

Finally, after I finish the artwork for Dark Times In Brighton I'll kick out Star Frontiersman 17

I'm also writing a book; "This Ole Robot"
Considering applying for the  84FY Mechano Olympics.
Want to recover the Mist Stone (sacred Capellan icon stolen by Sathar agents) and sell if for a billion credits!
Become the first robot Red Devil version 1.1
Trying to get a patent using Wooly Willy shavings as robotic facial hair. 

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April 7, 2011 - 2:51pm
Great for you!  I look forward to anything you do!  Remember my request back at the DwDStudios site. :)

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