Astrography of the Rim & synching up with KHs

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December 15, 2010 - 1:53pm
Refer to: Astrography of the Rim.

The above link is to the star system table from Zebs but only for the Rim

Questions we should talk about:

KHs detailed where the star ship construction centers are and what type they are. this is not covered for the Rim except in the footnote that describes a Docking Station says that docking stations can include ship yards.
Places with DS: Faire in Capella, Stenmar in Kazak, Point Go in Klaeok, Osaka in Osak

What are the major military bases of the Flight?
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December 15, 2010 - 2:37pm
RE: Docking stations and sTar ship construction centers and military dispositions of the Flight

Point Go in Klaeok: I wouldn't even class this planet's docking station as a construction center since the planet is way out at the end of the jump chain and has a light population. I expect that the Flight posts a small patrol group here and that its a popular dumping ground for officers that are not incompetent enough to be fired. They can't ignore this system altogether just in case the sathar find a way to invade from the nebula.

Cryzia: this is a major system and the "bread basket" of the Rim- has a trade station and thus a major economic port of call and significant exporter of aggriculture. It has to be protected but that does not mean there has to be a base here. A trip wire force at Point Go will alert of problems from that end and a base at Stenmar in the Kazak system effectively protects it from the other direction. Probably likely that the native population has paid for a few squadrons of fighters.

Stenmar in the Kazak system has 3 out of 4 moons used for military purposes this would make its DS ideal to be a construction center to support a massive military presence but I have the feeling that the military bases on the moon might be more in the way of planetary defense- the planet itself does not really suggest Military economy (ag and resource economy) but that does not prevent a major military base here. STill this is the logical place for a major base. it keeps a watch on the "outer Rim": Cryxia and Klaeok and is 1 jump away from Osak allowing its forces to support it quickly if the sathar invade again. I favor a class 3 construction station here.

Osak: a fortified and an armed station and the proposed seat of the Rim Coaltion's government plus a docking station. This would have to hold at the very least a class II if not a class 1 starship construction center and be a major military base for the Flight and its ground forces. The inner most planet is an outpost with a military economy - I read that as probably a military research outpost maybe. I've also mused that whatever system the sathar have been invading Zebulon from is also within void jump of this system and explains the presence of 2 armed space stations here. no doubt there is a major wing of the Flight here

Capella- at the very least the DS at Faire is a class 2 construction center I hesitate to make both it and the one in Osak both class 1's in light of the sparse distribution of class 1 centers in the Frontier: only Cassidine and Prenglar. Thus I lean toward this one being class 2 and Osak's being class 1. Also the same reasoning about the sathar being able to invade Osak holds true for Capella, in fact its almost certain that the worms will seek to generate jump routes both Capella and possibly Fockrik during the decades between SW1 and SW2. whatever the construction center class is its no doubt that a major wing of the Flight is stationed here

Fockrik- no DS here but 2 planets with moons dedicated to military purposes which suggest planetary defense to me. the talk in other threads about the military nature of the humma leads me to think that this is the one system that can handle itself out of its organic military assets. The humma will have a massive swarm of small craft to greet any sathar incursion but its also likely the Flight has a patrol group here (no doubt eliet captains are sent here as joint training with the humma assets will call for the better Flight officers, lest the humma lose confidence in the Flight)
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w00t (not verified)
December 15, 2010 - 2:42pm
How about detailing more than the major bases? What about supply depots, listening posts, forward command centers, retreat areas, etc.

I don't have time to detail it myself. :-/

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December 15, 2010 - 2:49pm
w00t wrote:
How about detailing more than the major bases? What about supply depots, listening posts, forward command centers, retreat areas, etc.

I don't have time to detail it myself. :-/

yeah detailling supply depots and such would fall under doing more detailed system briefs.

for supply depots- I'd expect that any moon with a code of M for military would mean that it has one along with whatever is there for military purposes. listening post are so small that you dont have to detail them till you need them for the story. but then again the outpost at Point Go probably has instrumentation pointed at the nebula. I'm really in favor of Point Go being the "siberia" of the Rim for Flight officers - its not the siberia of the Rim for civilians living there. Its just considered so for the Flight's officers- manning a listening post, guarding a supply depot or crewing a ship with Captain Incompetent.
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December 17, 2010 - 5:32pm
Stenmar may have an agriculture and resource based economy, but if that resource just happens to be federanium (perhaps the sole source of federanium in the Rim) then it would be prudent to have that much of a military presence there.
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May 29, 2011 - 6:38am
To sum up:

Osak: headquarters of the Flight and the seat of government for the Rim Coalition. a class 1 space ship construction center was built here to churn out the military hulls that the Flight required. There is a lot of system infrastructure in this system and its a very busy system being the hub of the Rim astrographically and politically

Capella: Dominates the Rim's economy and politics out of all proportion to the size of its natives. A class 2 Star ship construction center established here. Major Wing of the Flight calls Capella its home port and the system's organic defenses include every CFM vessel present giving it a defacto militia out of all proportion compared to militias in the Frontier. Homeworld has significant planetary defenses as well.

Fockrik: while fighter operations and tactics of the humma are considered a bit crude by Space Fleet standards they make up for it with numbers and energy- every house and lineage of any consquence feilds fighter craft in order to keep up  with the "jones" house or lineage. the organic system defenses are swarms of small craft used aggressively, the Flight post its better captians to it small but powerful patrol group here. by default the humma have a planetary based class 3 star ship construction center that builds system craft and fighters.

Stenmar- major military with significant fleet assets responsible to watch over the outer Rim (from Sten-mar to Point Go) as well as support Ozak if the sathar return. this station probably accounts for almost a 1/3 of the Flight's fleet assets with 1/3 in Ozak and 1/3 in Capella. Sten Mar's assets mostly stay concentrated here while patrol groups cruise out to Point Go. at least a Class 3 space ship construction center.

Cryxia: and important system but covered by its astrographic location close to Sten-mar and not deemed to be easily targetted by the sathar without going through other systems first. Local defense handled by organic fighter squadrons and passing patrol groups fo the Flight.

Point Go in Klaeok: last outpost of civilization in the Rim and even in the Frontier. Not considered a high priority station and the dumping ground for the Flights worst officers until they screw up enough to warrent being tossed out of the service. only light units stationed here and no organic system defense force.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!