Charging into combat

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December 3, 2010 - 1:03pm
Other RPGs give an advantage for a charge (this thread is inspired by the humma spring charge thread)

a charge gives something extra in most other games, is it something SF needs?

Pros and Cons?

Things to consider the impact of adding a charge bonus:

1. a yazirian in battle rage who charges- hes going to get his +20% for battle rage + the charge bonus; thats a hefty bonus but it only occurs the first round of combat and if he successfully rages.

2. humma spring charge; they get a charge bonus and are immune to being struck back?

3. the vrusk high movement rate: an opportunity for a vrusk tank to rush opponents but again the big advantage is in the round of contact.

4. do sonic weapons really benefit from a charge- my thinking on this is that you're not going to gain any extra wt. behind a weapon attack if that weapon is not solid or rather the benefit involved is likely the momentum of the charge added to the impact of the melee weapon. If the charge bonus does not help the very popular sonic weapons which are generally very high damage output then I would consider that a wash. it may even encourge some players to go with they're survival pack looted machete on the theory that it might be perferable to hit more often then to fuss about the higher damage output of the sonic weapons.

The simplest thing could be a +10 charge bonus

any thoughts?
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December 3, 2010 - 1:55pm
It's not a bad idea although I think it would be more of a damage modifier (say your PS added to the damage rolled) than a 'to hit' modifier since you are translating your kinetic energy into something and increased damage makes more sense than increased chance to hit.

As you hinted at with the sonic weapons comments, it would only really apply to physical melee weapons that cause bludgen (club, mace, etc) or slashing (swords, knives, etc.) type damage.  If you were using a thrusting weapon (like a rapier), I doubt it would add much there either, a skinny sword through the gut is a skinny sword through the gut no matter how fast you hit.  However, since SF doesn't really discriminate between bludgeon, slash and impale damage I'd say just apply it to all physical melee weapons.

Also, you'd have to define what constitutes a 'charge'.  Is it moving at your max speed during the round prior to contact (or two rounds or more?) or maybe just having moved over half your max rate to get to your target?  And if someone hits you with an opportunity shot while you're charging, does that negate the charge effect.

Anyway, those are some ideas.
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