Kudos to our artist !!!!

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September 30, 2010 - 7:14pm
I've spent the evenning reviewing articles for issue 16 and check on the artwork that is slated for issue 16. and wow we have a lot of great artwork lined up! You guys rock keep it up (issue 17 will need some- hint hint nudge nudge)

anyway if anyone is interested I'd like to suggest a few things that if you felt the inspiration to do a pic it would make some nice pairing with specific articles:

-a human ship captain enduring a yazirian trial of honor and excelling at it with even a yazirian honor weapon to the point that yazirian spectators fall in love with him.

- any two staple aliens (or human) exchanging rumors

-we have a article titled "An Alien's Best Friend" a few pics of the creatures in it would be great to pair with it but barring that a general picture of a alien holding, petting, walking, etc some sort of alien pet would be a great pairing for this article.

-There is also a article on Frontier creatures and, you know, a sketch or too would be cool

- a picture of a dralasite with a 1860's era muzzle loading rifle and wearing a "yazirian clan wars hat" author says that the hat looks like an American Civil War Kepi or forage cap- no CSA or USA plates on the hat.

- there is a really cool ship submission based on the V22 Osprey and this article really, really, really needs a picture to go with it, and you know you'd like to do it too, so......

-a villianous character drawn large and as a bust (head and shoulders) looking down on a group of PCs in the fore ground who are un-aware of him. This would be a really cool picture if anyone has the itch to do it.

I didn't plug for pictures for every article as some of what we have works for some articles

If your interested in one of these and need more information then email me and I'll see to that.

again you guys rock! keep the artwork coming!

I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!