UPF Intelligence Reports

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August 14, 2010 - 4:00pm
I had an idea on a series of UPF Intelligence Reports that list individuals and organizations that pose athreat to frontier security. If you would like to help please use the following format. I crafted two below as samples (I need to fill in some background fluff).  I'm sure you all have NPC's (major and minor) and cults, corps, yada in your campaigns that could easily be submitted.  If you need help or more detail post here and we can work on them together. Send completed Reports to Submissions@StarFrontiersman.com
 Known Associates
 Base of Operations:  
 Last Known Location:  
 Threat Rating:  
 Submitted by
 Submitter Notes:  
Name Gy Falsaed
Race Dralasite
Sex n/a
Homeworld Cassidine
Known Associates Black Hand Gang
Base of Operations Unknown
Last Known Location Video cam recording, White Light, Base Station
Threat Supplant high-ranking officials at one or more mega-corps causing potential rifts or securing technology for nefarious purposes.
Threat Rating Moderate, frontier-wide
Submitted by Abey Schmidt
Submitter Notes I have been trailing Gy for six months and based on the trail I've increased his threat to moderate since I believe he is collecting information and material to supplant one of the frontier mega-corps.
Gy Falsaed
PSA: Military
Beam 4, Computers 4, Demolitions 2, Technician 2
RW 80, M 60, PS 4, IM 4, RS 40, STA 50.  
Battle Rage 35% (Gy has been injecting an unknown chemical into his body for the past 3 years that allows him to rage much like a yazirian)

Name Warren
Race Human
Sex Male
Homeworld Minotaur
Known Associates Vesley Lumbottom
Base of Operations Hardrain slums near Alpha-Quad
Last Known Location Hardrain, Minotaur
Threat Warren is working with the Malthar to supply underground operatives weapons and shielding technology
Threat Rating Extreme: Minotaur, Low: Frontier
Submitted by Abey Schmidt
Submitter Notes Warren is the leader of FreeDOOM, a local group supplying factions with weapons and shields.  He has background in the medical field and is a black belt in Coa-Su
PSA: Biosocial
Unarmed 6, Projectile 2, Beam 1, Computers 2, Psychosocial 4
RW 60, M 80, PS 6, IM 5, RS 50, STA 60.  


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August 14, 2010 - 7:37pm
Name: Annud Schlem, AKA Arnud Horris, AKA Jilber Trunn, AKA Toothpick
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Clarion
Known Associates: Star Devil Pirate Gang
Base Of Operations: Unknown
Last Known Location: Triad, Cassidine
Threat: Known to have Stolen and be in possesion of Tritium, Source: PGC High Security Storage Triad Aproximately .5 kg Tritium, and 15000 credits worht tradeable/bearer electronic credit chits.
Threat Rating:Triad:Low;Believed to have left the Planet. Frontier: High
Submitted by: Special Agent Alper Sohon of Star Law.
Submitter Notes: It is believed that The pirate gang will be using the Tritium to build Thermonuclear weapons to be sold on the black market. Thermonuclear arms are outlawed for civilians by Frontier treaty.
Suspect is Armed and Highly Dangerous. Known to have Commited murder of 4 Security Guards and destroyed 2 Security Robots in furtherance of act of theft.
Also wanted for 3 counts: Rape, 4 counts: Grand Larceny, Unkown counts: Piracy in High Space, and 1 unpaid parking ticket.
Identifying Marks: Red Devil Tatoo on right shoulder. Male Patern Balding, Moderate Greying of Hair and Facial hair. Long Sideburns, Goatee Posably Shaved to ease escape offworld. Tatoo of Lotus Flower and Dagger on Left forearm.

Annud Schlem
PSA: Military
Unarmed 6, Projectile 4, Beam 4, Melee Weapons 2, Demolitions 3, Computers 4,
RW 35, M 35, PS 4, IM 5, RS 50, STA 50. 
Automatic Pistol 3 mags 15 rounds each. Laser Pistol, Frag grenade, Dose grenade, Albedo Screen Skiensuit worn under street clothes. Power Beltpack

Referee Note: This guy shaved off the sideburns and goatee and colored his hair to help his escape offworld. The Tatoo on left arm was washable with soap and water so it is no longer there. but it also helped fool police into looking for someone with that tatoo, also helped to ease his escape. Star Law Suspects that he Changed his apperance But they do not know the left arm tat was a fake meant to throw them off. They have him on camera, but he left no known DNA samples for them to trace.

How do you like this bad guy?
The bombing starts in five minutes.

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w00t (not verified)
August 14, 2010 - 7:57pm
Like, +1.
Now we need to detail some organizations.  I believe Tom is working on cadres and cults, should be a good list. :-)

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August 15, 2010 - 11:06am
Name: Dr. Galcien
Race: Dralasite
Homeworld: Inner Reach, Dramune
Known Associates: Several including the Star Devil Pirate Gang & a militant faction of the Frontier Peace Organization
Base Of Operations: Unknown
Last Known Location: Zik-Kit, Kisk'Kar

Threat: Developed an illegal modification to Stimdose that has half the effect but is twice as addictive as anything on the market. Further, it seems to cause a Yazirian like battle rage. Source: UPF Military Defense Research Labratories
Threat Rating:Laco:Low;Believed to have left the Planet. Frontier: High
Submitted by: Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Desmond Bellefleur III Chief Assistant Research Director UPF Chemical Solutions Research Laboratory.
Submitter Notes: The good doctor had a difficulty with authority and lost his moral compass. It is believed she is distributing the formula for his substance and other classified secrets for money and a safe place to hide. She is desperate and willing to make a deal with anyone.
Suspect is Possibly Armed. Known to have caused several overdoses during illegal experiments of the new drug.
Also wanted for Distributing Classified Military Material
Identifying Marks: None, currently in the female stage of reproduction.

Dr. Glacien

PSA: Biosocial
Enviromental 2, Medic 6, Psychosocial 5, Computers 2, Technician 1, Beam Weapons 3, Unarmed 1, Melee 1
RW 25, M 25, PS 3, IM 5, RS 50, STA 60. 
2x Laser Pistols, 2x Dose grenade, Holo Screen, 2 Power Beltpacks worn as bandoliers 4 SEU Clips.
The military cannot decide how much they want to reveal about the doctor as it might attract the wrong element to seek her out for the doctor's information. Particulary Sathar agents given some of the doctors work in Xenopsychology.

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w00t (not verified)
August 15, 2010 - 9:01pm
 Name Vesley Lumbottom  
 Race Human 
 Sex Male
 Homeworld Unknown
 Known Associates Warren, Malthar
 Base of Operations Dramune, Outer Reach
 Last Known Location Hardrain, Minotaur 
 Threat Malthar weapons dealer supplying a number of worlds with illegal and deadly weapons.
 Threat Rating Extreme: Frontier-wide (shoot on site)
 Submitted by Tibley McDoog (deceased)
 Submitter Notes (garbled communication from the late Ranger McDoog) I have appre.... ..thar.... lately supplying Minotaur rebels with high-grade weapons. His local c... arren.

Vesley Lumbottom
PSA: Military
Demolitions 4, Computers 3, Unarmed 3, Projectile 4, Beam 4, Melee 6, 
RW 75, M 65, PS 4, IM 7, RS 70, STA 65.  
Automatic Rifle w/ 4 mags, Laser Pistol, 4x Frag grenade, 4x Dose grenade, Albedo Screen, Skiensuit worn under miliatry clothes. Power backpack attached to screen and pistol.

Notes: Vesley is an expert marksman with heavy weapons and does not take the -10 penalty.  He prefers deception over straight combat but will not back out of a fight. Given the choice he would rather lure enemies to follow him dropping nades behind.

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August 22, 2010 - 11:34am
Throughout the Frontier and Rim many an adventurous soul has made their fortune through daring deeds which have not always been legal. When these beings begin to see their hair or chitin change color or their elasticity, they begin to give they realize they may not be able to continue their deeds of daring do. Some turn to pharmaceutical means to hold onto their youth. There are many who are more than willing to fulfill this need. Most deal in harmless and not so harmless “snake oils” and are regularly rounded up by local law enforcement. Some are much more effective and dangerous. One such group is Life Immortal. A shadowy organization headed by Doctor Findalgo. Based aboard a Laboratory Ship it creates its life extending serums and conducts experiments to create more.     

Name: Dr. Findalgo
Race: Dralasite
Sex: n/a
Homeworld: Terledrom, Fromeltar
Known Associates: Captain Walva and his crew of Humans and Dralasites of the LS Forem, Several Pirate Organizations and Criminal Organizations
Base of Operations: Laboratory Ship Forem
Last Known Location: Zik-Kit, Kisk'Kar Threat: Mass Murderer and Slave Trader
Threat Rating: To the Frontier: Low/ To individuals especially Yazirian and Human: High
Submitted by: Councilor Vrrit Klat, Commercial Council of Kraatar.
Submitter Notes: Developed a process to extend the life of Vrusk by using extracts from the Hilktera Gland from Yazirian and Thyroid Gland from Humans. To obtain enough of the needed extracts, its modes operandi is to buy slaves from pirates and slowly drain what it needs until the subject dies. It uses several criminal organizations for distribution of its drugs. It is however not certain whether its formula actually works. Suspect usually armed.
Identifying Marks: NoneDr. Findalgo PSA: BiosocialEnvironmental 4, Medic 6, Psycho-Social 2, Computers 4, Technician 1, Beam Weapons 3, Unarmed 1, Robotics 2RW 25, M 25, PS 3, IM 5, RS 50, STA 60. 
Laser Pistols, 4x Dose grenade, Albedo Screen, Power Beltpack worn as bandolier 

Author’s Note

Feel free to change any details to better suit your campaign. This villain is best as a rumor behind the scene which must be must be dug out.

Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?

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w00t (not verified)
August 23, 2010 - 11:40am
While pondering this thread I've scratched together some notes. Please give constructive feedback.

The Villainous Non-Player Character's Master-Plan

Have you ever wanted to create a villain NPC that starts about the same time as the player characters? As the characters progress so does the villain and often finds himself running into or  around the player's adventure areas. Use the following process to guide the villain along his carrier. These are typical steps an ambitious NPC would follow in order to obtain ultimate power and control. Some may stop at controlling a town while others may want frontier-wide control.


Seek a way to control others by charm, greed or technical knowledge
The villainous NPC may start his career with cohorts who are of the same mind; however he will ultimately be the one that comes out ahead. He may eliminate the others or have a way to control them.


Obtain personal power by gathering followers
This NPC hangs out in slums, bars and shady areas of civilization seeking those that want the benefits he has to offer in exchange for muscle.


Establish a base of operations
Depending on the job sector this NPC has a base that may be hidden from society or within an established corporation. Other areas include religious areas; abandon mining camps or a spaceship.


Make connections outside the NPC's job sector
The NPC exchanges favors, credits or others goods and services to make connections outside his job sector. This spreads his influence into areas he may not be accustomed with.


Control an area
The NPC gains control over an area such as a town, city, corporation or government. What he says is law and there is little or no opposition. He may be the dictator type or use subtlety to get his way in the controlled area.


Form an external security force
In Step 5 it's assumed the NPC has a security force to control his area. This particular security force is used outside his influence to do various nefarious tasks. The force will be highly trained commanders who have low-level followers although a single small force will be all high-level commodes. The force will most likely have access to vehicles and smaller spaceships.


Remove rivals
The NPC uses his connections and security force to further remove rivals within his domain and expand his controlled area. He may even call in a favor from Step 4 to have someone eliminated in someone else's domain.


The ambitious may never stop
At this point the NPC has vast resources, influence and a mobile military force. He may desire (or already be involved in) frontier-wide politics and plan on taking over the frontier (or a sector of it). He will continue to spread his influence, amass military might, expand his area and place informants in political positions.     

Final Notes

A good villainous NPC always has a path to escape.  He spends a great deal of time planning his exit strategy - whether his master plan is successful or is foiled by meddling heroic characters.  A good villainous NPC returns in a later adventures. The NPC villain might always seek to obtain items which enhance his ability to get away quickly, or surround himself with thugs to handle the meddling heroes so he can secure his exit.  For example, the NPC villain might plot his nefarious schemes in locations which have cliff faces nearby, and he might have an air car driven by a trusted minion ready to swoop by and catch him when he leaps off with his concealed parachute. 

 Keep in mind that villains should always be defeated by the characters at some point during a campaign. If the NPC villain is killed early in the campaign perhaps the body or mind can be cybernectially "resurrected".    

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August 23, 2010 - 11:16am

Ad Astra Per Ardua!
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w00t (not verified)
August 23, 2010 - 12:05pm
Name Colonel Destra  
 Race Human
 Sex Female
 Homeworld Unknown
 Known Associates General Yan-Soon Shea-Dow
 Base of Operations Unknown
 Last Known Location Truane's Star
 Threat Under the General's command Destra has led several successful ground raids decimating planetary defensive grids. 
 Threat Rating Extreme: frontier-wide
 Submitted by Ruse M.
 Submitter Notes I've witnessed Destra's thirst for combat. Once given orders she will carry them out to the letter with one exception; she has never taken a prisoner to date. Often she is seen among her troops fighting shoulder to shoulder using melee and projectile weapons.

Colonel Destra
PSA: Military
Pilot: 4, Computers 3, Demolitions 5, Melee/Unarmed 4, Projectile 6, Beam 2, Technician 4 
RW 85, M 75, PS 5, IM 8, RS 80, STA 70.  
Dual auto-pistols, Electric sword, 4x Frag grenade, 4x Smoke grenade, Albedo Screen, Skiensuit worn under miliatry clothes. Power backpack attached to screen.

Anywhere but the battle filed Destra carriers herself like a lady of renown. Intelligent eyes that often stare through you than on you. Finley dressed she is attractive and deadly, a dire combination. 

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Captain Rags
August 23, 2010 - 11:54pm
Name: "Cyborg Sally" (true identity unknown)
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Outer Reach, Dramune
Known Associates: The Malthar, Pirates, Black Moon Marauders
Base of Operations: Lynchpin
Last Known Location: Ares, Moonworld
Threat: Psychopathic Murderer, Terrorist, Pirate
Threat Rating: Lynchpin - HIGH, Frontier - MEDIUM

Submitted By: Agent Harlen Tristov, Star Law

Submitter Notes: Cyborg Sally's true identity remains unknown. She is a cybernetically altered/enhanced human female wanted for acts of piracy and murder in several star systems of the frontier sector. The few eyewittness reports that exist regarding her physical appearance describe the female as being partially robotic (leftside of face, left arm, left & right legs). She has long red hair worn in a single braid and has an extremely athletic body type. Cyborg Sally is reportedly "faster than a Vrusk on fire" with regards to her foot speed, and also seems to have several concealed weapons in her left arm, hand, and legs. 

Referee Notes:

Cyborg Sally (PSA: Military)

Unarmed: 5, Beam: 5, Projectile: 3, Melee: 4, Demol: 2, Computer: 3, Pilot: 3, Tech: 6
RW:40, M:35, PS: 5, IM:5, RS:5, STA: 55

Sally's left hand acts as a Shock Glove; her left arm has a concealed Electrostunner; a scratch from her lefthand fingernails inject a lethal toxin; her left eye has infrared vision; her movement is equal to a warbot's maximum speed; her right leg conceals a laser pistol; her left leg conceals an autopistol; the strength (STR) of her left arm is 75.   

Cyborg Sally is extremely intelligent, but quite insane. Her only desire is to acquire more cybernetical implants. She is thus attracted to new technologies like a bee is attracted to honey, especially if the new technology will enhance her ability to kill, maim, and plunder. She lead a gang of like minded cybernetically enhanced individuals known as the Black Moon Marauders. Their Corvette class ship is called the Death Moon Rising.

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w00t (not verified)
February 3, 2011 - 7:31am
Hey all!
Georgie just edit a document I submitted to the magazine including most of these posts. Got any more? I now you do!


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w00t (not verified)
August 18, 2011 - 1:42pm
I'm putting these in Issue 17's layout and wanted to know if anyone has anymore they would like included. You can post them in this thread or submit there here.

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Shadow Shack
August 19, 2011 - 11:28am
Name Yan-Soon Sheadow
Race Yazirian
Sex Male
Homeworld Pale
Known Associates Sovereign Domain Authority (a.k.a. "Soon Uprising")
Base of Operations unknown 
Last Known Location(s) Histran, Gollywog, and Laco
Threat Yan-Soon Sheadow leads the Sovereign Domain Authority, believed to be in league with the Free Frontiersmen Foundation and Streel
Threat Rating Extreme: entire Frontier and possible interests in the Rim as well
Submitted by various 
Submitter Notes Yan-Soon is a self-appointed General, he served under Col. Louis V. Jameson as a non-commissioned officer before going AWOL. Resurfaced 25 years later with the mission of overtaking a Frontier world and seceding from the UPF. Believed to be loosely related to Streel Corporation's CEO Hilo Headow. He was a master tactician while serving with Truane's Star Military Exploration Force, as such he is not to be underestimated.
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w00t (not verified)
August 19, 2011 - 11:54am
General Yan-Soon Shea-Dow appeared in Issue 14-p45 but worthy of a post here. :-)

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w00t (not verified)
April 1, 2012 - 2:25pm
Just a note that these appeared in Issue #17-p39, Star Law Intelligence Reports.
Anyone want to do another round - if so we can start a new thread. 

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Shadow Shack
April 1, 2012 - 3:31pm

Name Lucifer "Star Devil" Yurack
Race Human - bionic/cybernetic enhanced   
Sex Male
Homeworld unknwown
Known Associates Star Devils space pirate faction
Base of Operations unknown 
Last Known Location(s) Zebulon & Truane's Star
Threat Yurack leads the notorious Star Devil pirates
Threat Rating Extreme: entire Frontier and Rim
Submitted by various 
Submitter Notes Lucifer has been terrorizing the space lanes for nearly two centuries now, dating back to the expansion of New Pale and the PGC Mining Guild operations. UPF strategists believe he was assisting MalCo in the Dramune system.
I'm not overly fond of Zeb's Guide...nor do I have any qualms stating why. Tongue out

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w00t (not verified)
April 1, 2012 - 4:13pm
SS, could you post over here,  http://www.starfrontiers.us/node/6412