New Comic For Frontier Space: Haven

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October 20, 2009 - 9:34pm

I have started work on a new comic for the Frontierspace site called "Haven". The story is set in the Dark Tempest Setting I have created for the new game system. Since Frontierspace is heavily influenced by Star Frontiers I would think that are members here maybe interested in it as well. Since it's not SF obviously some of the alien races are a little different and some of our favorites from the core-four are not in this game universe.

The comic chronicles the story of the Interstellar Colonial Marine Starship Phoenix, a Valkyrie Class Escort performing search and rescue operations in the dangerous Maelstrom Sector. The main characters are the crew of the Phoenix, a mixed lot of veterans and greenhorns, each carrying the burdens of their own pasts and uncertainties of their future. Our story begins as the Crew of the Phoenix receives a distress call from a disabled freighter drifting into the dangerous reaches of neutral space (An area uncontrolled by any goverment and prowled by many dark predators).

I hope you will visit and become a member of the Frontierspace Site or request a download from this site. In addition to the comic a section called the "Data Stream" will feature stats, schematics, diagrams, and (soon to be added) module style game play info so players can incorporate each comic into a game (much like a module).

Since I do all of my work with the same software and many of the same models obviously there will be some simularities to my other Sci-fi digital comic "Titan Rising" and have included some cross over stuff. Which is only natural since Titan Risiing is acutally a modified storyline from one of my long running Star Frontiers campains.

For those fans of the Titan Rising comic, don't despair, the comic project isnt dead just resting. Some of the technical issues ran aground with a continuity problem that i will have to resolve before i continue writing the story. Originally it looked good on paper at first but as the story unfolded I ran into an obstacle in the plot that just wouldnt quit. When I find the answer to the block I will get back to that comic.