The Explorer Project and competition

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July 10, 2009 - 10:06am
I've thrown my hat in the ring for a terrain building competition over on the site
its a two month competition with the theme wrecked vehicle. the criteria is 1. depict a vehicle 2. It must be wrecked (any cause) 3. the damage must be massive and obvious.

so I'm going to do a wrecked SF explorer. but then I though might as well build 2 and make the crappier looking one the wreck so that I have an explorer in the vehicle park plus the terrain piece.

anyhow I'm postin a link for those who are interested to follow progress plus if anyone has any art of the explorer I'd be interested.

I'm currently in the design phase and using the cover of mission to alcazzar plus some stuff from the web for military Humvees for inspiration. feel free to post feed back here or there (you'll have to register on that site to post there but otherwise the site is wide open for you to view).

Here's my WIP thread:
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