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Alissa Quinn

Basic Information

177.8 cm
86.3 kg

Ability Scores

Initiative Modifier:
Punching Score:
Ranged Weapons:
Melee Weapons:


Walking: 10 m/turn
Running: 30 m/turn
Hourly: 5 kph

Racial Abilities



Primary Skill Area:
Beam Weapons:
Level 5
Martial Arts:
Level 2
Melee Weapons:
Level 4
Thrown Weapons:
Level 3
Level 6
Level 5
Level 5


HISTORY(as of f.y. 95)

Alissa was 11 years old when the Sathar and Streel invaded Kdikit at the beginning of the Second Sathar War.

She's never talked about the next five years of her life.

Those who served in the Kdikit Campaign don't have to ask.

At 16, she was one of several hundred captives sold as slaves to the pirates in the White Light system's Planarion asteroid belt, Alissa escaping during the combined Star Law/Royal Marine assault on the pirate base, making her way to Morgaine's World with the intention of joining Star Law.

She was barely assigned to quarters at Gollwin Academy, when the Juggernaut Fleets struck, followed immediately by the invasion of Morgaine's World by soldiers of the New Frontier, rounding up the Star Lawmen(and others)unfortunate enough to survive the destruction of Gollwin City, Alissa distinguishing herself in the desperate battle to get herself and several of her fellow Star Lawmen offworld and to Clarion.

Once at Clarion, she was assigned to the newly-repaired and overhauled Melinda McCoy as a starfighter pilot, again distinguishing herself during the bitter fighting against the New Frontier and the Sathar, rising rapidly in rank until, at the age of 21, she became the commanding officer of the assault torpedo boat Guisarme, earning the Order of Morgaine for her actions during the Battle of Dolin Bay, and, two years later, a promotion to Captain and command of the Pugilist-class war cruiser Shadowboxer.

She was to earn great renown during the Kdikit Campaign, especially during the Battle of Twenty-Seven Fleets, where the Shadowboxer singlehandedly destroyed a pair of enemy dreadnaughts, and the Battle of Onipherin's Rings, where she successfully located and destroyed the Sathar vessel targeting the Free Alliance Forces with Void torpedo attacks.

As the New Frontier showed its hand, and the Third Sathar War became the Frontier War, Shadowboxer and Alissa participated in nearly every subsequent major battle, including the raid on Prenglar, and the Fifth Battle of Athor, where she successfully recovered the traitor Chek Groznal.


Alissa makes it hard for anyone to get to know her, keeping even her closest friends at arm's length(even though she demonstrates intense loyalty towards them)not opening up to them about anything, especially the memories of Kdikit, which she struggles to keep tightly bottled up.

She tends to take dangerous risks, thinking nothing of endangering her own life, even though she will go through Hells and high water to keep her crew safe. 

She tends to overeat, especially when stressed or depressed, and she isn't particular about what she eats, as long as it doesn't move(and some say she might make an exception for that). 

Balancing this is her almost compulsive excercise regimen, including a morning run either throughout the decks of her ship, or on the surface of whatever planet she's on, her obssessive exercise routine being but one of the manifestations of her hyperactive nature; she can't stand to sit in one place for too long or go without having something to occupy her time.

She is also obsessive-compulsive in several areas, including cleanliness...she cannot stand dirt or bugs in any degree....

KNIGHT HAWKS SKILLS: Pilot 6, Astrogation 5, Energy Weapons 5


M-95 laser pistol
Starfire blade
10 powerclips
Star Forces-issue shipsuit
Headset computer
Standard equipment kit