Documents for Review Upload?

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March 8, 2008 - 9:19am
Dear All:

I just joined the sight and am excited by the prospect of helping out with issue 8 of the Star Frontiersman. 

Being a n00b I am looking for direction on what is needed.  I have ok proof reading skills, and am good at clarifyng mechanics and examples.  I am happy to do tedious sorting and spreadsheet work.

However, I do not see any articles or other documents to work on.

What is going on, how can I help?



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Corjay (not verified)
March 8, 2008 - 3:55pm
All that is with CleanCutRogue right now. He's not opening it up to group development until issue #9.

Don't worry, we're all as anxious as you are, if not more. We have been waiting for almost 4 and a half months for this issue.

Bill has been very busy with getting a new job and moving his family to a new city, which is why it has been so late. 3 weeks ago he said he would be done 2 weeks ago.

Just to help you judge the water. Not to worry, though. Next time we the people will be able to help get the issue out. Smile

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Corjay (not verified)
March 8, 2008 - 3:56pm
By the way, my projects are all in need of someone with your desire to help if you want to jump in and start offering ideas. Smile