100 Dralasite Facts

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December 1, 2007 - 10:20pm

One night in STAR FRONITERSTM chat, a gang of Dralasite enthusiast composed the following table.

University of Zebulon, Dralasite Facts

  1. Drals are hard to clean out of cloth car seats on a hot day
  2. Especially if you're a Yazirian with a few liters of ale in ya
  3. Chances of a Yazirian going into Battle Rage after 5 cold ones whilst listening to a Dral tell jokes = 100%
  4. A Star Lawman's worst fear: bringing in an intoxicated Dral in his squad car
  5. Drals and Norelco worked out a weapons deal in 82
  6. Since 82, Dral doctors love to shave patients even if they don't need it
  7. What do Drals and Jell-O Pudding Pops have in common? Lick one and tell us. (Ewwww :-P )
  8. Drals make good blowing balls.
  9. Drals reproduce by telling each other bad jokes until one of them splits with laughter
  10. w00t is actually a Dral
  11. w00t has two Drals in his name
  12. Gilbert has logged out.
  13. You really don't want to experiment with test tube Dralasite babies
  14. Drals in a blender make you a murder
  15. But they make a descent fondue
  16. A Dral in a blender really is funny!
  17. If you ate a Dral, how would you know which part you're eating?
  18. Drals in a blender is messy, in the dryer it really really funny looking
  19. Dral, tastes like chit
  20. There's a reason why Drals have never become cannibals
  21. Restaurants have been known to cut down costs and serve rubber instead of Dral
  22. McDrals
  23. Drals flavor really lasts , and leaves your breath minty fresh
  24. Five doctors surveyed say, "Drals are make bad patients. The jokes on us."
  25. Drals taste like chicken. No wait... Nucleic

    Coming up with 100 Dral facts is really hard and most of the time we want to eat one, see above.
    ...or put them in a blender

    [Corjay] You know guys, these lines would make even a dral shake his head in shame
    [Shadow Shack] Yeah they're turning into real groan-dral-ers
    [w00t] Corjay has been kicked out of the 100 Dral Facts group
    [Corjay] :-P
    [w00t] Fact #26 Who started this topic? We should kick him in the Dral
    [Shadow Shack] I think you did, w00t
  26. Drals make good Zero G Basketball- you never know if the ball went in the hoop, or them.
  27. This Drals on you
  28. Drals make great hammocks
  29. Dral Facts are mostly fiction
  30. Dral facts were made by Humans, chance of inaccuracy, 100%
  31. Drals are mostly fiction
  32. Drals are not in D&D
  33. nor AD&D
  34. D&D is not real
  35. Corjay is not a Dral. Honest. If telling bad jokes makes you a Dral, then so is w00t
  36. Drals make moves in "meters" outside, "inches" inside and "yards" in zero-G

    [CleanCutRogue] oh boy
  37. Drals like to say "Oh Boy" after a good joke/pun
  38. There are no bad Dral jokes, only punny ones

    [CleanCutRogue] oh boy
  39. CleanCutRogue is an "Oh Boy of a Dral".
  40. Dralasites can be carried in a bucket when drunk
  41. All bars on Dral home worlds are equipped with Dial-O-Bucket
  42. I Dral, do you?
  43. w00t loves dral humor

    [w00t] Im Drally like dat
  44. As Drals get older they get harder on the outside and smaller and can be bounced like super balls
  45. Dral facts get old after 44 facts
  46. Two Drals walk into a bar.....everyone else leaves covering their ears and yelling "no more jokes"

...to be continued by YOU! Smile


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Shadow Shack
December 2, 2007 - 4:50am

I resent that,  I'm a yazirian enthusiast...

I'm not overly fond of Zeb's Guide...nor do I have any qualms stating why. Tongue out

My SF website

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w00t (not verified)
December 12, 2007 - 12:36pm
Shadow Shack wrote:
I resent that, I'm a yazirian enthusiast...

Coming Soon :

Dralasite Clans; we all come from one lump. Foot in mouth

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Doc Fishbone
December 14, 2007 - 8:47pm
Dralasite love: would you like one hump or two?
Mess with the fish....you get the bone!!!