Game Invite - All That Glitters campaign

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Imperial Lord
November 11, 2007 - 9:18pm
Episode 1:  "Routine Security"

 “Routine Security, Routine Security,” Arzagan growls as he leans back in his chair.  He lights a slim perfumed cigar with his long hairy fingers.  “Six months off Histran, some moonbase mining op.  Nice and quiet.  Standard rotation.  Walk around and look at walls, and come home with 5000 creds each after the shift.”

 FINALLY!  Your fleabag agent Arzagan has got something.  The Yazirian has come through.  You were really starting to miss your jobs – particularly the income – of your work in Streel’s Manufacturing department.  Your credit is shot and have been out of work for months, looking for a new life in the security business.  First finding agents, many of whom did not deliver on their promises, then spending your meagre savings on new training and what little equipment you could buy.  Then the excuses, “Not experienced enough...  Vehicles required...  Equipment required...”  Then the waiting, the waiting...

Right after this flush of happiness, then the feeling of dread.  A million-and-one questions fly through your head at the same time.  Where?  When?  How?  Why?  Who?  You almost wish Arzagan could just download all of it into your heads right now.

Arzagan can see the excitement in your eyes for your first assignment.  He smiles smugly and puffs away...  “You have no idea how hard I work for you guys.  When you are done with this joke of an assignment and collect your creds, you will want to double my 10% fee, which, of course, will automatically be deducted from your pay.  But let’s not harp on that...”  He grunts in satisfaction.

 “Tomorrow a ship leaves for Histran.  You need to be on it.  Once you get there the ship will change course to a mining moonbase in system.  Some place called Zeneb in the middle of a whole lot of nowhere.  Pretty big moon – several hundred crew in there.”

 “Don’t know too much of what they do – you know, dig up gold or something.  Whatever.  In any case, PGC likes guys with guns to watch their shiny gear and people, so that’s what you are going to do.  Has never been a problem at the base.  PGC has had the operation going for a couple years now, with no major accidents or fatalities.”

 “Mandatory six month rotation.  You are the rotatees.  I don’t know too much about the base, but my friend at PGC called and said that they had a rookie assignment and were willing to provide some equipment.  Just that you have to leave ASAP.  They will brief you and give you gear when you arrive in base.”

 “I have other clients, you know.  So I want you to know that you are on your own.  My only advice to you is to do what you are told and stay out of trouble.  I have some business I need to take care of on Minotaur.  But I’ll be checking my mail so message me if you need to, when you get access to subspace transmissions.  Again, the place is solid.  Nice and quiet.  Just the thing to get you started in this business.  My contact said there will be bonus opportunities as well.”

 “Any questions?”

First level characters, standard Four Races, standard equipment rules.  Buy what you can with what little you have.  I’ll rely on honesty for your ability rolls, but you have to take the bad with the good.  You may write any background that you want, but fold it into the fact that you are sick of working at the Manufacturing Center and want to start a new career.

We will play in chat here when it is ready, or OpenRPG, if possible.  While it's being developed, we can start on the character roll-ups.

We have two PCs so far.  Anyone else want to join?

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w00t (not verified)
November 11, 2007 - 9:58pm

Bill (CCR) has put together a way for us to play Star Frontiers On-Line. SFOL
GM's can go to and click on Start New Game.

Once the GM has all the players and a time, everyone browses to this URL and selects their on-line game. First you will notice a dice roller. Change the Name to your character and click on Enter Game.

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November 11, 2007 - 10:01pm
Referees can enter the room with the user name "Referee" - and can "Enter Game" more than once, so he can have multiple chat boxes open running various NPCs.  The dice roller only shows the dice results of the people in the same game as you.

Only limitation: only one online game can be played at a time because the chatroom I'm using for now lacks the ability to create new rooms.  Based on the limited feedback I've received on online gaming, this should be sufficient for now.  Have fun!
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November 18, 2007 - 4:27pm
I'm up for this, depending on what night of the week. Sent my character.

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Imperial Lord
November 22, 2007 - 10:01pm

We just need one more...  What is the latest with Doc Fishbone?