Game Notes: PHX-CP.GC.BB

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December 2, 2022 - 4:59pm
Game notes for the Phoenix Game

This group started off as my first - so missing some older posts, but decided to start anyhow.

Backstory of the players: This game was an idea I had. My old friend from grade school, 40 years ago, we used to play Star Frontiers. Not the Alpha Dawn versiion, but the original 1982 version. Long story short, I moved away from my hometown and decided what a better way to reconnect with my old pals. I still have the 1982 boxed version and decided to do a weekly call and play via Zoom. and thus the Bandito Chronicles began.

Hell, one day, I may find a way to play Car Wars virtually. The 80s are alive.

*DISCLAIMER: My notes are really bad at this moment.

Images made by MidJourney AI

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January 14, 2023 - 11:30am

Mission 1: Missing Ground Cycles

The Interns arrived at Bestway Recovery for the first time. There was Sam "Trigger" Comey (Human), Marl'ee Mink'ee (Yazirian), and Kloo Hr'unanunannn (Dralasite).

Meeting Trudy Shivers, the receptionist, for the first time, party fills out the necessary paperwork and goes through orientation for the Brixton Corporation. Learned that their boss, Ray Campos, was busy at the moment
They are filled in on how the business operates via contracts from the higher ups. 

They are assigned their first job which is to retrieve 2 ground bikes from a warehouse.

Job Brief


To retrieve 2 ground cycles


2,000CR / per cycle retrieval  (10% Cut)

Bonus: Find out what they are up to and get proof. (500CR)

Total Possible: 900CR among employees + daily wages


The cycles were on loan to a courier subsidiary from the Brixton Company and are now past overdue. The corporation would like their assets back. 

They were loaned out to:

  • Jerry McCormick

  • Mathias Needlemeyer

These 2 individuals worked at a courier service (another subsidiary of Brixton Corp) that used these bikes for a job, but the bikes were never returned and reported lost. 

The tracking device on the bikes were terminated, but a city scan of the bikes determined where the bikes were located, and witnesses said that they saw Mr. Needlemeyer riding on one of the bikes. The Brixton Corporation thinks that the 2 individuals are not straight with them, and are lying to the corporation. The corporation believes there is something more going on.


Sources Say:

  • It's in a warehouse in the 1st level of the Village. (We have the address)

Equipment Loadout:

The Brixton Corporation will lend*:

  • 1 - Sonic Stunner 

  • 2 - ElectroStunner (locked on Stun)

  • 1 - Electric Sword

  • 2 - Stun Sticks

  • 6 (20 SEU Clips)

  • 3 - Civilian Skein Suits with the Brixton Logos on them.

  • Transportation waiver to the location

*Items must be returned upon payment. Non used perishables(SEU clips) and skeinsuits must be returned.

The party took public transportation to the 1st level of the village. There they scoped out the warehouse. They noticed a Dralasite security guard patrolling the building. 

They decide talk with the guard and tell him that they are there to reposses 2 cycles. The guard did not believe their story and they were denied.  So the team then went to find other ways in.  

They try the back alley.  Trying to break into the back lock..

They encountered the Red Sash Gang, a low level Dralasite gang that resides on the 2nd level of the Village. The party prevails.

Finally opening the back door - they missed their stealth check and a Yazirian guard started to to fire his Sonic Stunner.  Trigger avoids the hits.

After a melee, 2 humans come rushing down with a chain and another grabbing whatever he can find to throw things.

In the end the party prevails and subdues the men.  They find the bikes and they confiscate the computers in the office.

They then notify the Security gaurd and hand off the 2 humans and Yazirian. After many phone calls back and for the Dralasite security guard finally relents and take the 3 in.  

The party heads back home

The Computers were handed off to Ray

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December 9, 2022 - 9:12pm

Mission 2: Skimmer Retrieval

Job Brief


To retrieve a Skimmer [ Identification BRX:SA:763 ]


6,000CR Vehicle retrieval  (10% Cut)

Total Possible: 600CR among employees + daily wages


A Skimmer was reported stolen while one of our administrator’s was in a meeting.


  • Tracking tag checked in area of Foundry Level 2: “Little Fromeltar” a Dralasite neighborhood

  • Little Fromeltar is located in the Starboard Sector

  • No skeinsuits will be supplied- they may attract unwanted attention

Equipment Loadout:

The Brixton Corporation will lend:

  • 3 - ElectroStunner NO TERMINATIONS

  • 3 (20 SEU Clips)

  • Administrative Vehicle Key Card

  • Transportation waiver to the location

*Items must be returned upon payment. Non used perishables(SEU clips) and skeinsuits must be returned.

Met Fap Gonga (Dralasite) drinking his sorrows away at a stand in Little Fromeltar, located on level 2 of the Foundry. His partner had left him and so we was sad. Kloo, used his empathy and befriended him and Trigger got some neighborhood insights out of him. He talked about the Low-Fi Spinners Gang and their hang out at the Tectonic Drill Bit - a club just down the street. He is now a contact if they need to hire a Robot Technician.

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December 16, 2022 - 3:29pm

Mission 3: The Mystery of Exploratory Unit EMA-340

Mission Brief

An Under the Table Job


Ray wants to see you in his office. Follow me…

[Trudy leads the way and opens the back office door. She walks in and says: ]

“Here ya go boss” 

[ She waits till everyone is in, leaves and closes the door.]


“I gotta job for you Reco’s . And since you've been doing so well so far, I figured you might be up to the task.  We need to find a missing Explorer.” 

Explorers were sent to an area [Brixton Sector Mu-8] to test the ores mineral content of the planet - but they never came back

But here's the catch…

Request comes from the Science Division. A friend of a friend asked Ray Campos for this favor

Because Brixton B.O.D. did not want to spend money on it. This is funded through “creative means” by the science friend. So this is strictly under the table.


Find out what happened to Unit EMA-340, and retrieve any data if possible.

Will be undercover as a Support Unit S-340 to back up the EMA-340 team.

Estimated 3-5 days

Find out what happened:  300CR



Ray will then show them to the back garage. Where an Explorer will be parked.

Explorer vehicle  50km/hour   400km a day = 8 hours of travel (4 hexes)

  • 1 Sonic Disruptor w/ Pack

  • 2 Laser Rifles w/ Clip & Scope

  • 3 Laser Pistols w/ Belt

  • 3 Electrostunners w/ Clip

  • Med Kit

  • 10 Days Emergency Rations

  • 3 Civilian Skein Suits with the Science Decals

  • 5 Extra Clips

  • 5 Doze Grenades

  • Built-in RadioPhone (1000km range)

  • 2 - Type 3 para batteries 2000km range

Required paperwork [ Falsified ] - Routine Maintenance

When they arrive Marl'ee sees a ship launch in the distance and head out.

They come upon the Explorerer..
While investigating, 2 Ice Felkais ambush them.

Marl'ee is badly injured.

After killing the Ice Felkais they proceed to investigation:
They find remnants of a Sathar along with the lost scientists.

Everything appears to be looted alreayd. The site was disturbed. And looks like it had been covered up. But was permaturely ended.

The computer console was removed from the Explorer and handed off to Ray

The party learns of:
  • Echelon Enterprises
  • A.Abernathy

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January 14, 2023 - 11:33am

Mission 4: Delinquency!

Enter player character Glunz, a nerdy looking female Vrusk

Job Brief


To deliver a Notice of Delinquency for 3 Ground Transports (shipping vehicles)


Standard daily wage


Brixton Corporation has a policy to deliver a Notice of Delinquency for borrowers who fail to return or re-new their Loan and Security Agreement for Brixton assets. The borrower on the agreement is 1.) Roma Noyaz of the subsidiary ”Speedy Logistics, LLC''

Please serve the Notice of Delinquency to Mr. Noyaz and report the reason for infraction.


  • Roma is a Male Yazirian

  • Location is at Speedy Logistics - The Village Level 2

Equipment Loadout:

The Brixton Corporation will lend:

  • 3 - ElectroStunner

  • 6 (20 SEU Clips)

  • Notice of Delinquency

  • Transportation waiver to the location

*Items must be returned upon payment. Non used perishables(SEU clips) and skeinsuits must be returned.

Found out that it was the O.N.F. (Order of the New Frontier), a fascist terrorist group that is against the corporations of the galaxy and would like to install a Tyrannical Dictatorship througout.

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December 8, 2022 - 11:48pm

Mission 5: Interception

Part 1

Trigger Questioned Ray Campos war photo.


Hung out at the Old 69’er with bartender Sandy - and drank a few.

The Team followed the car to the Tectonic Drill Bit

Glunz tried to talk to the bouncers to get info or to get into the bar, but failed spectacularly

They waited for 80 minutes for the Dalasites to finally come out. They followed the Dralasites and the bait car up to The VIllage Level 1 to a desolate parking lot.

Where a Vrusk was waiting.

Another car appeared for the dralasite

The Transfer of funds happened, then Sam Trigger ran to stun.

A battle ensued

Klu stunned Draboo out for 38 minutes

Hurg got away in the tail car

They have enough information to identify the vehicle that got away.

Krrrk Krrk submitted to Sam

EXP 2pt

Part 2

They talked to Krrrk Krrk.

Krrrk Krrk, told them a story about how he and his son were new to New Brixton. It was a situation where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was talking to a black market tech dealer named "The Designer" who was going to build his disabled son a vrusk exo-skeleton so that he may walk. Turns out that a group of the Low Fi Spinner Gang was hanging around the Designers shop. They stole the Vrusk Exo-Skeleton and held it up for ransom. Telling Krrrk Krr that he must pay off the cost of the Exo-Skeleton as a Link. (A term for a fence for a chop shop). It was pure extortion.

Krrrk Krrk had no other choice. He told the party that if he could only get that Exo Skeleton back, he and his son would be out of New Brixton - since that was his main goal. Upon further investigation, the party found a location at an apartment where the Exo Skeleton was at.

They tied up Draboo, and called the police on him. Sgt. O’leary said he would pick him up eventually but really busy.

The Party then frisked Krrrk Krrk and had found a black market Cloaking Device.

They stormed thug apartment and retrieved the exoskeleton.

Glunz - found the Laser site +5%

And a Painting of a Yazirian riding a Dralasite

They killed one Yazirian, and stunned and tied up the other yazirian and human

They learned of:

  • Reference to “Smiles” is mentioned

  • Warehouse address mentioned

  • Reference to Cryzak Ch’tock

  • Zu “The Designer” or “The Shèjì shi”  Shen can be referenced  (phonetically) Zjee Tu Shi)

EXP 3pt

Part 3

They went to the warehouse, trying to pose as a cousin of Krrrk Krrk. Glunz tried her hardest to impersonate, but the male thug knew better.

The 2nd team, Marl'ee and Trigger, stealthily went to the 2nd floor to sneak around and take position

Just about when the Thug was going to attack Glunz all hell broke loose.

Explosions everywhere. A team from the Native Frostlanders Front (N.F.F.) was already there and they took out a lot of the thugs and mechanics, stealing a car and a bike.  Klu and Trigger went on a chase, but to their avail, the NFF loaded onto a shuttle off the city.

Back at the Warehouse, as they rummage through the rubble,

They took

Service Robot

Combat Robot  45 STA

They learned of Graylow, and that the shipment was to be taken to a warehouse in Frostport 76.

Learned that Smile was the boss of the operation. 

All got 7pt XP

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January 14, 2023 - 10:25am

Mission 6: Ambush!

Part 1

They are all back at their dormitory. Trigger is watching porn. While watching porn, a newsbreak airs a video still of Trigger and Kloo smiling with big grins chasing the N.F.F., but the news stations declares them as part of the Eco Terrorists - N.F.F. (The Native Frostlanders Front)

Meanwhile Glunz goes to work on robots at the garage of Bestway Recovery and gets locked out of the Security Robot. She does correctly identifies the robot and then she identifies the Service Robot, and decides to sell it.

Glunz tries to change the mission statement of the security robot, but fails and the parabattery explodes injuring Glunz. In sadness decides to sell both robots. 

With the help of Kloo and Marlee, Glunz puts the robots into the car and heads to Zaggit’s Robotic Shop  (on the Aft side Level 2 of the village.)

They get out of the car and get suprised attacked by tangler grenades.

Kloo is thrown into an explorer and taken captive.

An old Yazirian, Granger "Old Yazzi" Deemus, walks by and gets them out of tangler grenades webs, and then takes them to bar and buys them drinks.

Part 2

A Drunks Tale - The Start of the Sathar War 


Old Yazzi offers the party some information about the kidnappers he just saw, if they would sit with him at the bar and listen to one of his stories.

It turns out that he worked on the Dolin Bay and he tells his story to the group.

Playing Scenario 1 from KH.

The team successfully evacuated the Doliin Bay and escaped only losing the Stiletto Assault Scout to the Sathar Destroyer.

After success, Deemus, lets them know about Cygnus Bor’man who was the son of a Lieutenant Eli Bor’Man who was on the Dolin Bay. The Explorer and the kidnapping he witnessed looked like that of the work of Cygnus and tells them where Kloo may have been taken.

Part 3

They Sell the bots for 2000 CR

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January 14, 2023 - 10:16am

The ProtoZortium Expedition

Part 1

When we left the party they were at Z2-Shi’s shop. Zu, was enticing them with his otherworldly possession and had a quest for them. To find 10lbs of ProtoZortium ore in the Morgon’th X Crater.  In exchange for 4 specialized laser rifles.

Each person go the

“The Zu Special” Laser Rifle

It has a whirring module attached to the stock that works as a gimbal and stabilizes the shot.

Laser rifle with +40% to hit

1d10 per SEU (+3 damage - only once)

+10 on Ranges.  E.g. PB 0-20 etc.

Cost around 1500 CR each

After Zu’s, they do a little shopping and buy some pickaxes, beltpacks biocort and rent a JetCopter for the day

As they leave the pad, Marly is a little new to fly such jetcopters and has a rough time handling it out of the platform. No problems when they get to the cratere, and Glunz was mapping their way towards the crater. She spotted a crag in the crater and a landing site.

Marly tried the best she could to land the jet copter but ultimately flung the side into a rock putting a large dent in one of the quarter panels. Finally landing it.

As they make their way into the cave, they first spot the dead dralasite. They then inch in to hear the fluttering of wings. Flitters. They slowly back away and try north. Meanwhile Glunz is analyzing samples and finding nothing.

They head to the north channel only hearing the fluttering of wings in the distance and come to a dead end.

They explore the south cavern finding the abandoned campsite and its refuse. Glunz still finding nothing extraordinary.

They make their way down the central cavity and as they come upon some crates, rocks fall on their heads.  Everyone but Clu take damage, but the skeinsuits absorbs most of the damage.

They rifle through crates and find some old down feathers for sleeping bags.

As Glunz was analyzing some rock samples she noticed a crack in the wall and found a 5% jump in an unknown metal.

The crew squeezed their way through the crack and down a level.

Part 2

As they made their way down to a deeper level, they came to an opening that had some crates where the party found some old crampons and garbage. The party noticed that there were 3 passages. Marlee ventured to the north passage running into Flitters.

The noise of the footsteps and sounds of the party alerted the 17 Flitters and they attacked Marlee. The team sprang to action, but before the team could manage to kill all the Flitters Marlee was attacked and bitten by 1 Flitter before Trigger could raise his gone near marlees face and kill it.

Referee Note

When Marlee was bitten, that flitter was infected with disease.  Marlee will feel it in 8 hours.

The party then continues to search in the 2nd cavern. There they encountered a very slow dropper and killed it.  Glunz took an environment reading and noted a 2% increase of Protozortium detection.

Venturing into the 3 cavern, they find a set of crates that contain garbage. While searching thru the crates a group of curious rats passed by.  In the small side-cave they ran the enviro-scanner and found a vein of ProtoZortium. The pick axes reduced the time in order to gather the 4 pounds of ore. During the mining, they were bothered by insects that would fly around them and sting and bite them occasionally.

After collecting the ore, they ventured on where Trigger happened upon a Pale Cave Bear den. A battle ensued where Trigger was hit with a mighty swipe. After a long battle the party was victorious. 

After running into a few other dead ends, it ended in the 4th cavern, where Glunz’s environment reader squealed, but failed to retrieve any numbers - Glunz chalked it up to Vrusk error. 

Having explored the entire level, they decided to head up a level to explore a cave that they had missed.

They found a tunnel heading down again.

10 XP points

4lb Ore

Part 3

The party came to a fork in the cave system. Glunz took a reading for the ProtoZortium again and found quantities to the East. At this point Marlee started to feel a little sick and tired. Clu did a medical diagnosis and found out that Marlees bite from the flitter encounter was rabid. She had been infected and needed to be cured. Clu administered some minor dosage of antibiotics.

Based on this new information the party decided to get back to New Brixton as soon as possible. So they passed up on the passage to the west and started to mine ProtoZortium in the East tunnel cavern.

Nothing extraordinary happened, but the party did manage to get 10lbs of ore.

After the ore was collected the party made it back to the JetCopter. Now Marlee had some experience in Jetcoptering they made it to New Brixton without any incident.

The team then went back to the rental agency to return the JetCopter. The sales person noticed the damaged fender from Marlee’s first attempt at landing the copter. But with a slick tongue, they managed to convince the salesman that the damage was there when they rented it.

The party delivered the goods to the Designer ZeeTu Shi and even traded extra ProtoZortium for some extra credits. They even pawned off some of the pelts for Zee’s cold enviroment.

4,800 credits at the designer’s shop.

After settling with Zee the party then went home. Marlee needed 24 hours to recuperate so she went home to rest.

There was then a worried call from Ray, since the team was in the office for a day. They explained the circumstances with Marlee and then went to work the next day.

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January 14, 2023 - 10:40am

Mission 7: Missing JetCopter

Part 1

The next day the team came to work to find Ray in the office with Trudy at the desk. Ray told the party that since Marlee was out, he hired a temp worker to fill her role. Some big shot up at the top had some cousin's nephew's son on the payroll, and the kid is in the back office.  Ree’lack, a yazirian.

Trudy gives the contract and the team sets off to find the missing jetcopter.

Job Brief


Missing Jet Copter


4,000 CR


A mining scout unit lost contact


  • Last tracked in ‘Sector Rho-09’

Weapons Loadout

The Brixton Corporation will lend:

Explorer vehicle  [Unit R-33]  

50km/hour   400km a day = 8 hours of travel (4 hexes)

  • 1 Sonic Disruptor w/ Pack

  • 3 Laser Rifles w/ Clip & (1 Scope)

  • 4 Laser Pistols w/ Belt

  • 4 Electrostunners w/ Clip

  • Med Kit

  • 10 Days Emergency Rations

  • 4 Civilian Skein Suits

  • 5 Extra Clips

  • 5 Doze Grenades

  • Built-in RadioPhone (1000km range)

  • 3 Type 3 Parabatteries

Required paperwork - Search & Recovery

Ree’lack had some pretty good skills at driving the Explorer, easily maneuvering through the city and down to the elevator platform.

Heading towards where the Jetcopter went missing, Ree’lack drove the explorer through the barren icy wasteland. A herd of 82 Frost Bison were off in the distance stampeding towards the explorer.   Ree’lack tried to maneuver in and around the herd, but was struck by several bizon, knocking the explorer around and damaging it.  The damaged explorer was impaired and could not go as fast as their cruise speed.

At a slower pace now, Clu looks out into the distance to see a shining hunk of metal. The party were curious so they took a bearing towards the metal object 50km away. By the time they arrived, it was getting dark and they realized it was a downed SpaceCraft. It was a Freighter of sorts.

The party decided this was a good place to camp and to fix the Explorer while Ree’lack repaired the Explored while the rest of the team Explored the wreck.

The wreck had markings of what they could read

 “JG-N*RA Blue”. Inside the wreck items were damaged, but the ship could be repaired.  Skeletal remains were in the cockpit.  They decided to take note of the location and pursue it later.

Evening came while Ree was fixing the thing. They took watch as they rested. During Trigger's watch, he heard crushing on the ice.  Picking up his weapon and flashlight he went to explore to surprise 5 marauders that were about to ambush them.  A fight ensued.

The team was successful, injuring 3 of the raiders who fled and killing one. They retrieved an automatic rifle with some rounds.

Part 2

During the night, nothing out of the ordinary happens. As the party wakes up and ready to depart, they notice a herd of bison have walked through their camp.

With the Explorer fixed and the team ready to go, the journey on. During that time they encountered 2 more cold snaps that came through. This time a majority of the group was ready.

As the party got closer towards the destination, a faint radio call emerged. It was the lost party on their Radio giving a mayday call.

Contact with the Lost Party

Ice Felkai

Marauder Ambush


Bison in the camp

Explorer breaks down

Sabertooth attack

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December 8, 2022 - 11:37pm

The Mechanic

The party tries to have a meeting with Cygnus Bor'man at his mechanic shop.

Zymax - Yazirian Female Clerk at Xyler's Mech Shop

Try to Meet with Cygnus Borman but cannot. They make a fake deal with him to at least meet him.


Later that night a van full of henchmen surround the party and tell them that a certain someone wants to meet them.

They are then taken to an empty warehouse where Cygnus is there. Telling the party that he has do these kinds of meeting to upkeep his public figure.

He mentions a client is on his case about the party disrupting the vehicle flow.  Cygnus can buy some time off for them, but will need help from the party.

To find out where is Bots went.  He tells them the story of how the shipment went missing and that the warehouse people where useless. He give the party leads to the insurance agents.

On the news they heard about a downed shuttle (that happened to be Cygnus)  The newscast says that the pilot is still alive but in at the hospital

The Party then goes to the pilot and talks with him. He says that the O.N.F. hijacked them and stole the goods.  And told the party that the black box recorder may have clues for them on the wreckage.

The party then goes to Cygnus and gives him an update. Cygnus loans them out a jet copter so that they can investigate the crashed shuttle.

Arriving at the shuttle it looks looted. There is vandalism with the O.N.F. insignia all over the place.

They find the black recorder and learn of a few names. Thrax, Hamish and Brook Oberhausen and a warehouse

Thrax: "We need to get this to the warehouse I leased.."


Hamish: “I got a person who may be able to help.” 

Thrax cuts in, “Person? What person?” 

Hamish replies, “Brook”

Thrax: “Brook? Brook who?”

Hamish: “... Oberhausen, Brook Oberhausen. She owes me a favor”

Thrax: “Can you trust….”


They do find some crates that have not been pilfered. Upon searching they find Biocort and a rats nest.

A battle ensues against the army of rats and their party prevails.

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January 13, 2023 - 12:07pm

Security Detail Part I

They Get a call from Ray, but they blow him off.  Something about a new security detail job.

With some leads the party heads back home where they run into Ree’lack.  The party uses the Brixton DataBase to look up Brook Oberhausen and find that she is a Director of Event and lives in the Corpo Town.

The party then decides to contact Ray because they believe that the security detail will provide them access to Corpo Town.

They were wrong.

The Security Detail was a shuttle transporting mining equipment from one of the off world freighters. 

They accept. They board the shuttle and make their way to space. The Shuttle docks with the freighter and starts loading the equipment. Glunz noticed that a large amount of Tornadium was being loaded into the cargo hold with the markings of the Pan Galactic Corporation on it (Contraband in the Streel Trade Zone above Pale).

As the shuttle departs from the freighter - a pair of Streel Corporation Pale Security Guard fighters block the shuttle's way.  They say they scanned the cargo and detected Contraband and they should be prepared to be boarded.  

“Shuttle BX-023, you are carrying contraband not permitted in the Pale atmosphere. Return to your Star Freighter, or be ready to be boarded.”

Just then another craft enters the space bearing the O.N.F. markings

“Shuttle BX-023, since you are dealing with our competitor, you lose the protection of the Streel Corporation Pale Security Guard. GodSpeed.”

The craft shoots its grappling hooks on the shuttle and start to attempt to board.

Battle ensues

To be continued.

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December 15, 2022 - 11:10pm

Security Detail Part II

Standard policy says that when there is attack, gravity and depressurization of the shuttle  is standard protocol. Marl’ee, Kloo, and Ree’lack don the only 3 pairs of magnetic boots.

4 O.N.F. Pirates breach the airlock on the living quarters deck.  They funnel through to meet the party.  Glunz and Ree’lack watch guard over the cargo hold while Trigger, Marl’ee and Kloo take positions in doorways waiting for the pirates to enter.

Laser pistols blazing, the pirates take up positions in other doorways for half cover. Firefight!

Upon hearing the commotion, Glunz and Ree make their way to the upper deck to join the fight. Since the shuttle only accommodates 3 pairs of magnet boots, Glunz was unlucky. Making her way to the upper deck she missed her checks and kept missing the handles of the doors - spending most of her time regaining control in weightlessness.

The party directs their attack at the first pirate. Puncturing his suit a few times.  They hits keep coming, and the pirates keep on funneling in. 

Ree’lack finally enters the corridor where the fighting is taking place. He grabs a bottle from the kitchen to use as a weapon.

One of the pirate was being targeted by all the team - on the verge of death - that pirate retreats.

Ree lack bum rushes the corridor with his bottle hitting another pirate upside the head. Trigger focusing on other pirates realize that one is wearing space armor.

A few rounds happen, then all of a sudden, the party hears an explosion from the cargo hold below.  

Glunz and Marl’ee make their way down to the cargo hold.

Meanwhile, Trigger, Ree, and Kloo are fending off the upper deck attack. The injured pirate makes his way back towards the door, while the pirate provide cover. Trigger shoots after him right before he gets to the airlock and fires a deadly blow which forces the pirate out into the void through tthe blasted airlock door.

Down below in the cargo hold, Glunz see a huge hole where the escape pod hatches are. They forgot about the escape pod hatches.  When Glunz and Marl’ee arrive, they see one pirate at the control console who was opening up the cargo doors of the shuttle, another pirate taking defensive stance providing cover, and a third pirate in mid flight from the cat walk to the Tornadium cargo.

Glunz and Marlee take shots at the floating pirate. Both hit but realize this pirate is wearing armor.  The pirate grabs hold on to the Tornadium and begins to untie the straps holding the cargo down.

To be continued…

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January 13, 2023 - 12:06pm

Security Detail Part III

[ Revert to Basic Game Turn Sequence due the number of characters & players - still using Advanced Combat Procedures

Top Deck

The O.N.F. Captain is in the starboard  airlock with Tigger, shooting Trigger with his laser pistol. One shot hits, while the other goes wide. 

The wounded O.N.F pirate in the port airlock doorway shoots at Ree’lack, hitting him with the laser pistol. Ree’lack’s space suit immediately seals the puncture hole. 

In the doorway of the crew quarters, an O.N.F. pirate is engaged with Ree’lack. Close combat range, the pirate shoots his pistol, hitting once Ree’lack. Ree’lack’s skeinsuit takes most of the damage.

Trigger then shoots the O.N.F. captain with his rifle, but the captain’s armor reduces the damage quite a bit with his suit sealing as well.

Klu, in the port side engine room doorway, shoots the pirate in the port side airlock doorway and damages a fatal blow. The pirate, who has magnetic boots on, dies immediately. He was described as that “Wacky Wild Wavy Arms Guy” due to him being stuck to the ground by his boots. Lifeless arms and his laser pistol floating.

Ree’lack, with his bottle acquired from the galley, attempts to hit the pirate missing due to him being shot a few times.

The O.N.F. Captain, now sees his predicament, runs across the hall, grabs his dead pirate and uses him as a shield, backing up to the port side airlock door.

The pirate in the crew quarters doorway, once again shoots Ree’lack with his laser pistol - hitting with one shot.

Trigger, disgusted with the actions of the pirate captain, rushes and launches himself towards the captain. Trigger did not have any magnetic boots, failed his dexterity check and could not control his attack. He slams into the dead pirate and the Captain, Trigger, and the dead body get pushed back into the airlock.

Klu decides to release his magnetic boots, and pushes off to float down the hallway, while shooting at the pirate engaged with Ree’lack. The laser rifle hits, but the pirate is still engaged with Ree. Klu then misses a Dex save to grab onto a door to stop his flight and continues down the hall.

Ree’lack, this time, makes a connection with the bottle.

Trigger now has a chance to shoot the captain around the dead body. Missing. At this time the Pirate is opening the airlock.

Klu shoots once again, but misses, but this time makes the dex save to stop from flying through the hallway.

Ree’lack connects again with the bottle. The pirate has 1 Stamina point left.

Pirates winning initiative, the Captain successfully opens the airlock and floats outwards into space, to where he will be picked up.

On the verge of death, the remaining pirate runs toward the starboard airlock and makes his way out to space.

Meanwhile on the Bottom Deck

The pirate floating towards the strapped down Tornadium makes the dex save and grabs on to one of the straps securing the last cargo container.

The pirate on the catwalk is providing cover and hits Glunz with his laser pistol.

Meanwhile the pirate operating the aft cargo doors controls (will take 3 more turns for the door to fully open)

Glunz decides to de-magnetize and launch from the catwalk towards the pirate on the Tornadium Cargo.

Same with Mar’lee, but Mar’lee goes after the pirate on the control panel. With a dex save, Mar’lee floats downward, using the arm of the cargo crane to reposition her flight path, and heads below the catwalk towards the armored pirate operating the control panel.

The pirate on the Tornadium cargo, successfully unlatches the first strap and makes his way towards the second strap and begins unbuckling to loose the cargo.

The cargo door now is ¾ open at this point.

The pirate at the control panel sees Mar’lee and turns to defend the control panel.

The pirate that was providing cover sees Glunz in flight, and tries to shoot - but misses.

Glunz then continues towards her projected point, misses her Dex check, and fumbles her grab on the cargo.

Mar'lee wants to wrestle the pirate at the control panel to close the cargo doors. Her wrestling attempts were futile.

At this point the pirate with the Tornadium unlatches the last strap, just as Glunz makes the dex save.  The Tornadium Cargo container begins to slowly float outward towards space.

The pirate that was on the cat walk then launches himself off the catwalk and makes his dex save and grabs on to 2nd Tornadium Cargo container to begin unlatching its 1st strap.

With one more turn left, the pirate at the control panel, manages to get one hit with his laser pistol on Mar’lee, but her skeinsuit absorbs half the damage, and her suit automatically seals up.

Mar’lee, this time, tries to unlatch the pirates spacesuit helmet, but just could not manage her attempt.

Glunz, attempts to shoot the pirate at full power with her laser rifle, but critically fails - jamming her gun.

At this point the cargo door is open and the pirate at the control panel fights past Mar’lee to help the pirate at the 2nd container.

The pirate at the 2nd container successfully unstraps the 1st strap and moves to the final strap.

Meanwhile, with the 1st cargo container floating out of the cargo hold, Glunz realizes her fate and pushes off away from the cargo container back into the shuttle so that she would not be lost out in space.

The pirates then successfully release the 2nd cargo container and they push themselves out of the cargo hold.

They were only after the Tornadium.  Glunz logically realizes that this operation and the Robot theft have been linked together. She does not know yet, but she somehow thinks that they are linked.

In defeat Mar’lee and Glunz take their losses.. At least they saved 1 cargo container of Tornadium.

Outside, the Pirate ship unhooks and gathers the pirates and the cargo.

The shuttle eventually arrives back in Brixton with the remainder Cargo.  Ray meets them, although some of the cargo did not make it to port, he knows what pirates can do and did not fault the crew in any way.

6 XP each, plus 300CR + Daily Pay

To be continued…