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Description: A place to store the Bandito Chronicles.

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Project Purpose
  • A place to store my world building references for a long term adventure
  • A place to eventually share my SF Adventure
  • Be a library for game artifacts and data briefs for what is currently labeled The Bandito Chronicles
Adventure Intent
To build out individual adventures that start off with learning mechanics of the Alpha Dawn rule sets, and to make it easier for players to learn how to play Star Frontiers as we progress for easier onboarding.

Adventure Rules
Currently using the Alpha Dawn and Knight Hawk rules. 
Adopting some rules from Zebulon, New Frontiersman, and creating my own homebrew set of rules as well.

Adventure Summary
Adventure starts on the planet Pale in the year 116 F.Y.

The story begins with the players being hired on as interns for a recovery and repossession service called Bestway Recovery which is a subsidiary of the Brixton Corporation.

Starting on the icy planet Pale, in the roving mining juggernaut city of New Brixton, the characters will encounter layers upon layers of intertwining adventures.  What was once thought a long gone threat, now has been resurfaced through a secretive shadow group that manipulates the world around them.

This is the Bandito Chronicles.

Campaign Details
Started: Sep 09 2021
Status: In-Progress
Timezone: Pacific
Current Players: 6 players, 12 characters