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    Basically Speaking by Shadow ShackThe characters will serve as boarding party members aboard the CMS Falcon, an assault scout that serves under the Clarion Royal Marines in the White Light system. This game parallels the events in SF/KH:0 "Warriors of White Light" although the scenarios are completely different.

    This will be a basic rules format game. No maps, no skills, just characters as presented in the Basic Rulebook of the Star Frontiers/Alpha Dawn boxed set. Yes, that's Star Frontiers/Alpha Dawn BASIC rules in a Knight Hawks atmosphere...keeping it simple for the first live game hosted here. It's worked very well so far.

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    The Second Sathar War by w00t


    Links to resources:
    Knight Hawks (HTML page 55)
    Knight Hawks Remastered (PDF page 100)
    Froniter Developement Map (PDF page 17-18)
    Last Of the Breed by WillCharacters will be the crew and officers of the Oath-Bound(see Online Ship Generator for description), embarking on a series of adventures against the minions of the New Frontier.

    I will be using Star Frontiers:2000, with the mods listed in my house rules, and the space combat rules from that same source.

    PM me here or email me at if you're interested, and we can work out a time to start which is most convenient to everyone.
    All That Glitters by Imperial Lord

    hosted by Imperial Lord

    Episode 1:  "Routine Security"

    Next Play Date:
    Tuesday July 29th @ 7:00PM Pacific / 10:00 PM Eastern
    Powering Frontier Prosperity by w00t

    Next Game: Undetermined

    Gateway Enterprise isin the business of starship loans. Although they do their best tocertify their loans sometimes they get a bad apple. In this case MinskMovers has not paid their loan in six months. It’s a simple job, travelto the ships current location and retrieve the ship. Then pilot it backto Gateway’s docking port. If you would to play please contact the Referee

    A Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn game for Friday Night online Gaming.
    Or as jedion puts it, "Frag a 'Nother Offbeat Geek"
    Friday Night Frontier by jedion357Security Trouble Shooters Needed 2000 cr Signing Bonus Contact CDC offices for details Friday night 8 pm Eastern starting May 14th