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Description: Published material for Star Frontiers is "modern age" in nature. These adventures take place during the Age of Exploration, before the foundation of the UPF, before the first sathar war that mandated a Frontier-wide alliance.

Don't just read about the Frontier history, become a part of it!

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A long time ago in a Frontier not so far away...

Looking for legends predating the first Sathar War? The UPF is an unfathomable future where these games take place. Here we aim to explore that fateful first contact between the inbound humans and the vrusks & dralasites. Here we'll explore the original inhabitants of the Frontier (the yazirians) and how the others migrated inward. Here we shall discover conflicting interplanetary businesses in a battlefield of economics that leads to the mega-corporations. Here we'll encounter the first pirate factions, we'll discover and explore new worlds and systems boasting familiar names from the published material. Join the first Common Muster and route out the pirates. And the grand finale? Forming the second Common Muster and working under Admiral Vincent Morgaine to ward off a strange new invading species of warlike worms, which will come to be known as the First Sathar War.