Watching BSG with Dad (Spoilers if you havent seen it)

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January 21, 2018 - 9:44pm
My father and I have shared an activity since Mom passed: watching a dramatic series like Rome, Deadwood, and Generation Kill which I typically bought in DVD and binge watch a couple of episodes. Or we watch Viking or Game of Thrones together when a new episode is out. We didn't do much in 2017 but I kept telling him he'd really like BSG or Breaking Bad but he kept saying he didn't want to start a new series.

Well, I was given the complete series of BSG for Christmas (new one) and I talked him into just watch one episode and if it didn't interest him we'd forget it. Well, he got hooked like I new he would.

funny thing just happened watching Season 1 episode "Act of Contrition" - when Starbucks Viper is going down and she's about to punch out they show you the altimeter winding down. And he exclaimed, "that altimeter is striaght out of the KC-135". He'd know since he flew in them since Vietnam for a 31 year Air Force career.

Talking about it afterward he said it was actually a stock altimeter that's used on a lot of planes like a C-130 and so on.

Surprising the details he picked out and he's not a sci-fi fan. Although, he agrees with me that the performances by Adama and the President are riveting. I'm still waiting for him to comment on the relationship between the chief and the Lt. as he was an enlisted maintenance chief himself.

At any rate he's actually eager to watch BSG, despite not being a sci-fi fan, and disappointed a little when I say I'm tired and need to go to bed after 2 or 3 episodes.
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