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    Extended Passenger Cargo Pod Deck 1

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    Updated: October 6, 2016 - 10:10am
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    This is an editted version of the passenger/cargo pod that was originally published in Frontier Explorer Issue 9. If I remember correctly, the accompanying story said that the pod could have two or three more decks in additon to what the original designer had created.

    I'm using this as part of the Sierra Dawn, which is a large freighter tug with the passenger pod and a cargo/shuttle pod.

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    October 6, 2016 - 2:50pm
    In regards to the extended passenger cargo pod -- I think I just called it the passenger transport pod or (PTP) on some of the deck diagrams, so I'll have to change that.

    I imagine that this unit has manuevering thrusters, probably akin to a larger version of a spacesuit thruster pack, with enough fuel for docking and undocking from the freighter so it can be transferred to a space station or another ship or even to remain in orbit (if it is initially deployed in a stable orbit). It won't be able to accelerate very long and probably wouldn't generate more than 0.1 gravity if it did.

    Thee spaces between the main decks would be taken up by air and water recycling, waste recycling, heating and cooling and other types of equipment. There would be small, very tightly spaced, maintenance tunnels where a character could conceivably hide.

    Joe Cabadas

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    October 6, 2016 - 3:14pm
    Each deck is connected by the internal elevator, though some of the decks can be accessed by the towing tug's cargo elevator. An emergency hatch is located on the floor and/or ceiling of each deck leading to a ladder tube. In case of a hull breach, each deck can be sealed off from one another.

    Access doors in the ladder tube are used to enter and exit the inbetween deck maintenance tunnels.

    Some things I did add to this design are three lifeboats and two lifepods figuring that the Frontier would have a regulation requiring a lifeboat seat for every conceivable passenger aboard.
    Joe Cabadas

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    October 7, 2016 - 8:36am
    Here's a few more statistics on the Extended Passenger Cargo Pod

    If it is a hull size 5 craft, like the one in Frontier Explorer, it has a diameter of 16 meters, assuming each square is 2 meters across. If we assume that each deck/maintenance level combination is 10 meters, then it is about 80 meters long. That still makes it a small HS 5 craft.

    Also, I wonder, if it can be towed by a HS 12 freighter tug, which can have a diameter of 50 meters, perhaps a future iteration of this design could be wider too?

    I suppose this pod can be easily pulled by the smaller frieghter tug published in Knight Hawks as well.

    As for other statistics, let's come up with equipment.

    Maneuvering Thrusters, Class BB, Cost: 30,000 Credits. The EPCP would need three of these (a normal hull size craft needs 3 Class B engines, hence the pod needs an equal amount of manuevering thrusters). The pod would contain enough fuel for 200 bursts, giving it the ability to accelerate/decelerate by 50 meters/turn per burst. Hardly enough to create an artificial gravity effect (I would think).

    The Thruster Drive program would be a level 2 and takes up 3 function points.

    This pod is actually built with an oversized life support system, capable of supporting 101-200 individuals but the backup system is only rated for 61-100 individuals. The theory here is that sometimes these pods are pressed into emergency evacuations, hence the need for a greater life support capacity, but the owners are allowed to skimp on needing a more robust backup system.

    Equipment: videocam radio, intercom system, portholes, external camera system, 3 lifeboats (18 passengers per unit), and 2 lifepods (two-passenger units).
    Joe Cabadas

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    October 7, 2016 - 8:47am
    Typical crew compliment for an EPCP:

    Chief steward (usually has medical training)

    Assistant steward (also would have at least a level 1 in medical training)

    A chef

    Maintenance (This person would be trained to operate and repair the power, life support and other systems and capable of using the manuevering thrusters)

    Robots: 5 service, 4 maintenance, 1 security.
    Joe Cabadas

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    October 7, 2016 - 3:45pm
    The EPCP would be equipped with a level three computer with the following programs:

    • Alarm 2
    • Analysis 1
    • Astrogation (Shuttle Program): this is used for operating the manuevering thrusters
    • Commerce 1
    • Communications 1
    • Computer Lockout 2
    • Computer Security 3
    • Damage Control 2
    • Information Storage 2
    • Installation Security 1
    • Language 1
    • Life SupportĀ  (Main)
    • Life Support (Backup)
    • Thruster Drive Program 2: Also needed for using the manuevering thrusters
    • Maintenance 1
    Joe Cabadas