An Alternity Version of the Timeline or "Yet Another Timeline"

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April 22, 2016 - 10:32am
I've posted this over on the "Alternity Frontiers" Project, but I am duplicating it here for any additional input.

I've never played Alternity but I did see the races in one of the first Star Frontiersman magazines. Originally I thought of incorporating them somehow as slave races of the Clikks. But recently I started investigating the Alternity fan websites, trolling for information.

Over on this website ( I read more about the Alternity game and then comments about the "Trouble on Janus" module with its bizzare history about "Centralization" plus the "Laterial Federation" which was replace by the "Free Trade Federation" (probably a stand-in for the United Planetary Federation much like the author of that module used the spelling "Slathar" instead of Sathar).

And I try to incorporate some of the "history" of the space odyssey modules -- though the dates of the events wouldn't be 2001 and 2010.

Anyway, I've tried to put the following timeline together to take into account some of the information from the original modules, such as the Warriors of the White Light that said Clarion has been under the monarchy's control for some 400 years and that humans expanded into the Frontier from the direction of Theseus.

What follows is a Human-centric version. I hope to make a Vrusk, Dralasite, Yazarian and a "general events" timeline and post them. Please offer your thoughts.

P.S. the idea for the Jump Nexus comes from OnceFarOff, however, I was originally thinking of using the "black monolith" as a star gate since that's how the big one is mentioned in the 2001 module.
Joe Cabadas

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April 22, 2016 - 5:14pm

The following section is a list of major events in Human history related to the Frontier until the founding of the United Planetary Federation.

4 million PF       (Pre-Frontier) An unidentified ancient race buries a black-shaped column under the surface of “the Moon” – the only natural satellite of the Humans’ home world. Later described by Human archeologists as a monolith or megalith, it apparently is some sort of monitoring device with an ability to send out radio signals once it is touched by sunlight. The workings of the device remain an enigma to Humanity.

circa 910 PF      The Humans of Terra achieve spaceflight after a great conflict known as a “world war.” The first attempts including placing an artificial satellite into a brief orbit shortly followed by the first Humans in space.

circa 900 PF      Humanity lands its first explorers on the Moon.

circa 870 PF      Humanity places its first long-term space station – known as the International Space Station – into orbit around Terra.

circa 830 PF      The first Moon bases are under construction.

842 PF               Construction begins on Space Station One, which will be the largest of three orbital cities    around Terra.

834 PF               After detecting a “magnetic anomaly” on the Moon, explorers uncover the ancient artifact. When sunlight hit the structure, it sent out a radio signal to an object orbiting the fifth planet in the Human’s home system.

829 PF               A primitive exploration system ship, called the Discovery, is dispatched by one of the early Terran nations to the fifth planet, a Jovian world. The mission ends in disaster.

820 PF               A second Human mission to the fifth planet aboard a ship known as the Leonov results in encountering a much larger black megalith orbiting the gas giant. As the explorers investigate the object, the alien artifact seemingly disappears, but it has actually entered the planet’s atmosphere. It begins replicating itself into millions of identical megaliths, like a Von Neumann machine. The artifacts alter planet’s atmosphere, increasing its density until nuclear fusion occurs. The planet becomes a second star in the solar system. Humanity receives a mysterious message indicating that one of the planet’s former moons, Europa, was off limits to exploration.

816-700 PF       The Humans aggressively colonize other planets in their home system, including many of the planetoids orbiting its new second sun.

747 PF               A race of interstellar travelers – know as the Fraal – contact Humanity. Wandering the galaxy in vast slower-than-light city-ships, the Fraal are a psionic race and have watched Human development from the fringes of the solar system for several centuries. The two species develop a mutual working relationship. Combining their knowledge, the Humans and the Fraal develop Void travel by 720 PF.

688 PF              The Humans and Fraal send out interstellar exploration vessels. The Terran Alliance government becomes more and more bureaucratic and centralizes power away from its nation-state members. This is the start of the “Era of Centralization” and the birth of the Terran Empire.

680-500 PF       Human explorers encounter other intelligent races while colonies are established in other star systems. In one system, the Humans and Fraal discover an ancient alien object that they call a “star gate” or more commonly, a “jump nexus.” The gate is part of an old galactic transportation system that is much faster than Void travel and links to other sectors of the galaxy. Predating the mysterious Tetrarch Societies and several other ancient civilizations, a jump nexus permit ships to travel over vast distances in 121 hours. This travel method becomes is called “star fall.”

circa 620 PF      VoidCorp is founded. It will become the largest mega corporation in Human-
                           controlled space and eventually forms its own stellar government.

513 PF              Using an ancient jump nexus, the first known Human explorers reach the Theseus system. The Frontier Sector is more than 1,200 light years from Sol, the Human’s home system. The Terran Empire puts the Recon-Development and Exploration Council in charge of surveying and cataloging systems in the far-flung region.

493 PF              Human and Vrusk explorers make long-range radio contact in the Frontier.

circa 480 PF     The Terran Empire lays claim to more than a thousand different colonies in different sectors of space but it lacks the power necessary to truly govern them. Many colonies chaff under the rule to imperial appointed governors. Human-controlled space is known as the Stellar Ring, which eventually extends 1,000 light years from Sol. “Old Space” is within 200 light years from Terra followed by the second-generation colony worlds and the third-generation colony worlds and outposts. Much of this territory, however, is only sparsely explored and Humans settle the prime planets first.

472 PF               Human and Vrusk meet face-to-face for the first time in the Frontier. The Vrusk soon introduce the Dralasites to the Humans.

circa 470 PF      The Terran Empire’s “Age of Centralization” begins breaking down. Instead of appointing imperial governors for the Frontier, the empire designates the Laterial Federation (LF) to control the colonization of the sector. The LF is determined to make the Frontier a model “Human only” colonization effort; it excludes most other species within the Empire from traveling to the Frontier.

463 PF              The Humans found their first permanent settlements in the Frontier, starting at Theseus under Aktion Timertikos, an explorer and entrepreneur. Timertikos leads a colonial effort with his ship the Argos and they settle on Minotaur.

449 PF               A wave of secessionist revolts sweeps the Terran Empire leading to the First Galactic War. Human migration to the Frontier slows to a trickle as colonists on Minotaur (Thesesus) balk at the dictates of the Laterial Federation. More interested in earning a profit, the LF executives want to build up Minotaur first before colonizing other potential worlds in the Frontier.

435 PF               The First Galactic War ends with the Treaty of Earth. The Terran Empire is replaced with the Union of Sol. The sovereign rights of former Human colonies were recognized. In the Frontier, the Laterial Federation encourages greater contact with the Vrusk and Dralasites while promoting more Human colonization of the area.

435-384 PF       Millions of Human “colonists” enter the Frontier. They arrive in storage class aboard large robotic transport ships. Many of these colonists are displaced loyalists to the old Terran Empire who were exiled from now free stellar nations; these new nations didn’t want to reinforce Sol with so-called fanatics. In turn, the Union of Sol encourages or forces would-be separatists to go to the Frontier. The Laterial Federation refuses to awaken the frozen settlers until a destination is chosen for them and a plan is worked out for them to repay their debts for being shipped and stored.

421 PF               One paying settler – who was in first-class accommodations when he arrived at Theseus – is a Terran loyalist, Leotus XI. He claims to have been of old aristocratic blood dating back centuries on Terra. At least one later biographer later cast doubts about the heritage of the future king of the White Light System. The biographer, an anti-monarchist who died under mysterious circumstances in 183 PF, alleged that at least one of Leotus’ purported ancestors – a Lord Grantham – was a fictional character.

411 PF               Leotus XI and his followers pay for several robotic colony ships containing frozen Terran loyalists. They head to the White Light System and claim the planet Gollywog, which they rechristen as Clarion. The Laterial Federation (“LatFeds”) declined to document the planet’s name change unless Leotus paid an additional fee. He refused. So early star charts continued to call Clarion by the derogatory name “Gollywog” well into the time of the United Planetary Federation.

390 PF               The governments of Theseus and White Light launch a joint settlement effort of Lossend (Timeon) after paying the appropriate fees to the LatFeds to release more frozen Human colonists for the effort.

385 PF              Humans settle on Gran Quivera in the Prenglar system.

383 PF              Reports reach the Frontier that the Second Galactic War began. It was a long, bitter struggle. The Union of Sol retreated from much of its remaining control from the outer Stellar Ring – a region of space that is roughly 1,000 light years in radius from Sol. About 200 light years of unexplored space separate the edge of the Frontier from the edge of Stellar Ring. Human migration to the Frontier from the Stellar Ring began to slow.

380-372 PF       Humans founded colonies on Triad and Rupert's Hole in the Cassidine system.

370 PF              Expatriates of VoidCorp incorporate the Pan-Galactic Corporation on Gran Quivera. Pan-Gal’s technology and finances were a fraction of VoidCorp. Fortunately for the start-up company, the ruthless Human corporation turned interstellar power was too preoccupied with events in the Stellar Ring to worry about expanding into the Frontier.

369 PF              The Second Galactic War had engulfed much of the Stellar Ring when the jump nexus system suddenly quit working. No further ships or transmissions came from Human-controlled space. Ships in the Frontier Sector could not use the nexus to return to the Stellar Ring. Normal Void travel would take more than 200 days – not counting any stops for overhauls or refueling – just to reach the outer edge of the Stellar Ring. Much of the route would be through uncharted space. Most human colonists were content to remain in the Frontier and only a handful of ships attempted to return “home.” These ships were never heard from again.

360 PF              Madderly’s Star system was settled by Human and Vrusk colonists as an experiment in inter-species cooperation. Soon afterward, the Freeworld Rebellion broke out on Kdikit as the Human colonists defied the Vrusk trade house system. The rebellion was fueled by the White Light government but opposed by the LatFeds.

355 PF              Madderly's Star system became a Human dominated system after the success of the Freeworld Rebellion.

355-349 PF       Human colonists revolted against the Laterial Federation, which still tried to control Frontier settlements. The LatFeds kept millions of colonists in hibernation storage rather than build a new civilization. During the revolt, much of the astrogation information collected by the old Recon-Development and Exploration Council was destroyed or stolen by the LatFeds who used their more advanced ships to leave the Frontier. The LatFed “fleet” – a collection of ten ships – headed out into the Vast Expanse.

348 PF              After the defeat of the LatFeds, the Human worlds formed the Free Trade Federation to encourage peace and to mend diplomatic fences with the Vrusk and Dralasites.

347 PF               The Pan-Galactic Corporation introduced an early form of its Pan-Gal trade language. The company hired Dralasite and Vrusk employees and bought a Vrusk trade house. By 330 PF, the PGC had elevated a number of Dralasites and Vrusk to high executive positions. The company worked to ease tensions between the races with various marketing and community outreach programs. One of its long-running commercial campaigns (299-246 PF) showed a vision of a united, peaceful Frontier celebrating the diversity of the “Core Three” races under the “Pan-Galactic Way.”

399 PF               Humans established an outpost on the planet Concordia (Vex Prime), which is modern-day Yast (Athor).

263 PF              An independent explorer reported that he was attacked by “winged bandits bearing machine guns” while conducting an aerial survey of Concordia’s unexplored regions. This was one of the first alleged contacts with the Yazarians. However, the incident predated the official date when Yazarian scouts first visited Yast.

250 PF              Communications were lost with the outpost world of Concordia (Vex Prime). A trade ship visiting the planet two years later discovered that the settlement was abandoned, leaving a great mystery. Some on Prenglar suspected that an alien race was responsible. Historians later theorized that early Yazarian explorers encountered the Human outpost and slaughtered the colonists or carried them away as captives. Many Yazarians, however, find this theory offensive. The accepted story is that pirates destroyed Concordia. Fifteen years after the Humans abandoned the planet, the Yazarians renamed it as Yast and the star system as Athor.

248 PF              Official first contact was made between Humans and the Yazarians when a Yazarian scout vessel jumped into the Prenglar system.

248-225 PF       Several clashes – some more than a single battle but short of all-out war – occurred between Human and Yazarian parties as tensions rose between the two races. Even Vrusk and Dralasite vessels visiting Prenglar came under assault of alleged Yazarian “raiders.” The Yazarians countered that Human pirates attacked their settlements and trade ships.

239 PF              The Pan-Galactic Corporation opened its first official trade route to the “Yazarian Arm” of the Frontier. It also became the first non-Yazarian company to hire Yazarian employees.

235 PF              Launching a new “Pan-Galactic Way” advertising campaign, the PGC incorporated the Yazarians as one of the “Core Four” races that will lead the Frontier to peace and prosperity. A new version of the Pan-Gal trade language was rolled out to incorporate “Yazarian-isms.”

222-218 PF       Under the auspices of the Pan-Galactic Corporation, Human, Vrusk, Dralasite and Yazarian delegates met on Gran Quivera (Prenglar) for a series of conferences. At the end of five years of negotiations, the Free Trade Federation’s charter was amended to include the Yazarians and established several quasi-governmental committees and agencies, funded by the four races, to help with trade and diplomatic disputes.

220 PF              The trade route to Dixon’s Star was opened by Humans. Laco became sparsely settled, but most consider the world’s environment to be too harsh for permanent colonization.

200 PF              Human explorer Anne Truth filed a new space route to the “True Anne’s Star System” with the worlds Pale and New Pale. The Pan-Galactic Corporation led the settlement of the worlds, especially with the establishment of a massive agricultural operation on New Pale. By 190 PF, the star system’s name was shortened to Truane’s Star.

200-10 PF         The Age of Adventure. The discovery and exploration of new planets slowed for nearly two centuries while the major races concentrate on mapping the hazards and boundaries of the Frontier. Hundreds of exploration vessels and brave spacers were lost during this time. Meanwhile, the settled planets begin to develop. Thousands of fortunes were made and lost during this time.

circa 180 PF      The first expedition to Kraatar (Tristkar) departed from the White Light System.

150 PF              The Free Trade Federation officially recognized Pan-Gal as the common trade tongue to be used in commercial and diplomatic negotiations.

124-78 PF         The Greater Morass was mapped.

77-57 PF           The Xagyg Dust Nebulae was mapped from Truane’s Star to Fromeltar.

56-40 PF           The White Light Nebulae was mapped.

39-33 PF           The Yreva Nebula was mapped.

37 PF                 The Pan-Galactic Corporation officially became the first mega-corp in the Frontier.

32-26 PF           Thirty-two exploration vessels were lost trying to map the Lesser Morass. Only the area between Screen Fron and Truane’s Star was mapped.

25 PF                 A small pirate fleet under Hatzck Naar raided the Cassidine and Prenglar systems. The first Common Muster was called.

22 PF                Hatzck Naar's pirate fleet was defeated off Timeon. Naar was ejected into space and slowly boiled inside his spacesuit as he fell toward Timeon. The muster was dismissed.

21-10 PF           The Xagyg Dust Nebulae was mapped from Fromeltar to K'aken-Kar.

19-8 PF             The area beyond the Greater Morass claimed hundreds of exploration vessels. Though it is believed that most Frontier races came from beyond the Greater Morass, all information about their origins have been lost. Exploration of the area ceases and it is named the Vast Expanse.

12-4 PF             Reports of mysterious alien ships along the edges of the Frontier sparked worry among some Frontier governments and the general public. Ships went missing and the colonists on some outposts were kidnapped. While many believe this is the work of pirates, historians later believe that many of these incidents were due to the Sathar and Zuraqqor incursions.

10 PF                Representatives of the four major races requested that all explorations cease while delegates meet to form a unified defense and mutual interest organization in the light of the alien raids.

3-2 PF               The First Sathar War was fought.

3 PF                  The Sathar first appear. They attacked the Truane's Star system. Pale and New Pale fell. The Great Exodus to Dixon's Star System took place.

2 PF                  The four races call for the Second Common Muster. A united space fleet is put under the command of Admiral Vincent Morgaine, who immediately moves his ships to the Cassidine system.

2 PF                  The Battle of Triad. Morgaine's fleet performed a surprise attack on the invading Sathar fleet intent on ravaging Traid. The Sathar lost a third of their fleet.

2 PF                  Dixon's Star system was attacked by Sathar fleet. Completely unprotected it was soon ravaged. Meanwhile Morgaine moved his fleet to the Prenglar system.

2 PF                  The Sathar attack Gran Quivera (Prenglar). The Battle of the Two Fleets is fought. The Sathar fleet was routed and destroyed, but Morgaine's fleet was seriously depleted and the admiral died in battle. With this mutual devastation the First Sathar War came to an end.

1 PF                  Morgaine's World in the Prenglar system was named after the fallen admiral.

1 PF                  The "Grand Meeting" of leaders of the four races took place on Morgaine's World.

1 FY                  (Federation Year) The United Planetary Federation, a mutual defense organization, was established. All worlds of the Frontier, expecting another Sathar invasion, immediately joined. Under UPF authority, Spacefleet became a permanent defensive force.

Joe Cabadas

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April 22, 2016 - 4:27pm
I like Anne Truth as the source os the name Truane's star.

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April 22, 2016 - 4:38pm
iggy wrote:
I like Anne Truth as the source os the name Truane's star.

Thanks. It just came to me one day that maybe it wasn't a last name. Plus, it gives the timeline a female explorer to work with.
Joe Cabadas